Publish dateWednesday 10 May 2023 - 10:21
Story Code : 269780
Islamic Jihad: The confrontation with the invaders continues fiercely
The Islamic Jihad movement issued a statement in response to the martyrdom of 2 Palestinian youths in the West Bank and announced that the path of resistance continues and that the conflict with the Zionist occupation will intensify day by day.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): After the recent crime of the occupying regime in the Gaza Strip, Palestine is on a hot page and tensions continue in different regions, this Wednesday morning in the attack of the occupying regime's soldiers on the city of "Qabatia" in the south. 2 Palestinian youths were martyred and one other youth was injured in Jenin, located in the West Bank.
The Ministry of Health of Palestine reported that "Jamal Tawfiq" (19 years old) and "Rani Walid Ahmad Qatnat" (24 years old) were martyred in this barbaric attack by the occupiers.
Palestinian sources reported that the resistance fighters in Jenin stood in front of the Zionist soldiers with bullets and explosives and targeted their military jeeps, and the sound of explosions was heard throughout the city of Qabatia.
Palestinian citizens published a clip on social networks that showed the soldiers of the occupying regime entered the city with armored vehicles and announced the ban on vehicles through loudspeakers.
According to this report, the soldiers of the occupying regime surrounded several houses, including the houses of resistance fighters, and destroyed parts of their houses.
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