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The report of the meeting on the demands of immigrant women from the government of the Islamic Emirate / Hussaini Mazari: the multiplication of generations affects political power; Educated women have more blessings for the society
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Hussaini Mazari at the meeting of "Women's Society and Rightful Claims from the Government of Afghanistan" in Mashhad considered companionship with her husband, management of women in the family, bearing children, raising children and constructive presence in the community among the blessings of women. He warned that the country's women's community would become an army of opponents of the Islamic Emirate government if the ban on their education and work continues, he emphasized the need to provide openings regarding women's demands, especially in the field of education, and said: social blessings and blessings in existence Educated literate women are more than an illiterate woman or a community of illiterate women.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mashhad: Simultaneously with the commemoration of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.), the meeting of "Women's Society and Rightful Demands from the Government of Afghanistan" was held by the office of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center in Mashhad, with mass attendance.
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Hussaini Mazari, during his speech at this meeting, referring to a narration of Imam Sadiq (a.s.) who said that the greatest good is with women, said: By examining the condition of women and the way the infallible imams (peace be upon them) looked at her, we will realize the blessings and blessings that come with women and It is in his existence, maybe not in the existence of men, and if it is, it is not as good as these blessings.
He emphasized the necessity of providing openings regarding the demands of women, especially in the field of their education, and said: If the issue of charity among women is examined, naturally, this charity is found in the existence of literate women, both in the fields of modern sciences and in the fields of religious education. It is more to an illiterate lady or a community of illiterate women.
The head of Tebyan Center considered companionship with his wife to be the first blessing and blessing with a woman and said: A man is successful if his wife is present by his side in all political, cultural, economic and social fields and is in sync with him and supports him. All successful men in different societies always have a successful woman who knows everything. Men who are unsuccessful in their lives and there is a lack of attention in their life together must not have a good, caring and understanding woman by their side. This is the first charity and blessing associated with a woman.
The second charity and blessings accompanying a woman that Hussaini Mazari discussed was the woman's management of the home and family. He said: If women have good management in the field of family, that family will definitely be a successful family. If a woman can have proper management in all family areas, the blessings from this woman will be included in that family, and this woman can make her family stand out as a privileged family at the level of relatives, environment and society as a whole.
This expert on social issues considered bearing children to be the third blessing and blessing of a woman and said: Those women have countless and wonderful blessings to bear more children. Although the enemy made a lot of efforts during recent decades to create a mental deviation at the level of Muslim women and spread this slogan that fewer children means a better life, and unfortunately, a period in the Islamic Republic of Iran was accompanied by this arrogant slogan and it was a very strong blow.
He added: Although this policy was implemented in Iran, it had an impact on the people of Afghanistan and many countries in the region. Because we consider Iran as a model country and it is natural that if good things are done in Iran, it will be promoted in other countries and if wrong policies are adopted, it will have a direct impact on other countries, especially Afghanistan.
The head of the Tebyan Center stated that the policy of generation limitation caused the Afghan society to face population shortage and move towards old age. It is very serious. This is despite the fact that religiously, there are many verses and traditions about having children and not being afraid of the children's sustenance. Those who are afraid of the issue of sustenance and upbringing and care for their children indicate that they suffer from a lack of religious knowledge and have not understood the depth of Islamic culture.
Hussaini Mazari, considering the issue of reproduction and childbearing to be effective on the growth of society and political power, said: Today, the policy of reproduction is implemented in European countries and all over the world. Even some celebrities in Europe and America have six to seven or more children, but many celebrities in Islamic countries, especially actors and footballers, are constantly divorcing each other and end up living single and childless.
At the end of this part of his speech, he said: The policy of not having children is the policy of the West and the enemies of Islam, which they are trying to impose on Islamic countries. Therefore, as Muslim and pious people, we must be aware of these strategies and policies, and we must oblige ourselves to have children from a political point of view, and our women must also be serious in this field and do it with love.
The head of Tebyan Center stated that the fourth blessing and blessing that comes with a woman is to be successful in raising children, and said: It is true that the father of the family should work in the field of managing children, but the woman of the family is the manager and the main force in raising children. If you see uneducated children in society.
Referring to the history-making of women throughout history, he said: If women are self-made, they can change the world and history, because women are the ones from whose laps 124,000 prophets were born, and women are the ones from whose laps the fourteen innocents (peace be upon them) were born. These have come into existence and there are those to whom our religious leaders and jurists are indebted, and therefore if we say that the whole world is in the hands of women, it is not an exaggeration and it is a matter of truth.
Hussaini Mazari considered the subsequent blessings and blessings of a woman to be her presence in the community and said: Of course, if a woman performs her four duties correctly at the family level, she has indirectly fulfilled her main duties even if she has not entered the community. Now, if a woman performs these four important duties correctly and then enters the community, such a woman's entry into the scene will be blessed with many blessings.
Referring to the efforts of the Westerners to make Afghan women appear on the stage according to Western standards, the head of the Tebyan Center said: The women who appeared on the stage of the country during the past two decades were often painted and painted and dressed in such a way that no Which of them did not perform their main religious duties! Westerners' attempt was to cut off women from their main duties and bring them into the society, so they put forward these abused women as models for the women's society in order to shake the foundation of our families.
This expert on social issues added: If we continue to work for tens of years, we will not be able to compensate for the damage and problems that the West has inflicted on our society in the past twenty years. I have said many times that if the republican government continued for another ten years, we would no longer have a Muslim woman with an Afghan identity, and our society would be devoid of committed Muslim women. Therefore, it is the principle that if you want to take over a country, it is easy to influence the men, so you have to work on the women of that society from within, then it is easy to take over a country.
Stating that women can have more blessings and blessings if they are educated and literate, he said: If women had academic education, both in modern sciences and in religious education, they would definitely be more influential than now. If the path of education for women and girls is blocked, it will actually cause these blessings and blessings to be taken from the women of the society, women who make up half of the society, especially in Afghanistan, where many men were killed during these forty years and the population of women is more than men. Is.
Hussaini Mazari considered it possible that the country's women's community will become an army of opponents of the Islamic Emirate government if the ban on their education and work continues and expressed: "If Afghan women become opponents of the government, several things will happen." The first issue will be the migration of some women and girls who have the ability to migrate and leave the country, because they see that there is no place for them to grow inside the country.
He pointed out: If the country's women's migration destination is Iran and eventually Pakistan, it is not too bad. But the officials of the Islamic Emirate should be responsible for the women and girls who go to Western countries and suffer intellectual and moral deviation, because they have provided the platform for opposition and migration of those women and their families to Western countries.
The head of the Tebyan Center called the abuse of the opponents of the government and the people of Afghanistan as the second incident resulting from the dissatisfaction of the women of the country and said: the opponents of the government and the people are taking advantage of this platform of women's opposition; Because if a woman is opposed in an environment, be it a mother, a wife or a daughter of the family, her opposition affects all family members and brings all the family, relatives, and the environment with her, and it is natural that this platform is at the level of the country. It enjoys a significant existence and the country becomes a platform of opposition and the enemies of Afghanistan use this platform of opposition in order to inflict damage on the Islamic Emirate and other economic, cultural, social and political structures of Afghanistan.
Hussaini Mazari, emphasizing that the Tebyan Center has reacted to this policy since the beginning of the Islamic Emirate's establishment and adopting strict policies towards women, said: that space should be created and a healthy environment should be provided, and that suitable conditions should be provided. We accept the continuation of women's education if it is temporary. At the beginning, we said that the continuation of women's education and work should be managed and, in parallel, work should be done in relation to making the environments and educational spaces healthy.
The head of the Tebyan center pointed out: We also believe that during the republic there was no healthy atmosphere in schools and universities, and there were many moral problems, corruption and prostitution in relation to women in government and military offices, and we are also very interested in that situation. During this time, schools and universities have been closed and women's work has been prevented, but we must quickly provide the foundations and the fields for women's education and work in order to prevent all these problems and issues caused by the ban on women and girls' education and work.
Hussaini Mazari by stating that the Tebyan center aims to raise women's demands and raise their voices He is active and will continue to do so, he said: you ladies should also be on the stage seriously and hold grand and crowded meetings and raise your demands, maybe your demands will not be met immediately, but there is no doubt that it will have an impact and with Being in the media and publishing in the virtual space will reach the ears of the government officials and international forums, and this issue will definitely be effective in the organization and direction of policies adopted regarding women's issues.
The head of Tebyan Center continued to address the immigrant women who live in the Islamic Republic of Iran and said: The women who are in Iran have a good field of activity and are able to work, so they should use this space and reach out to the people of Afghanistan, not only in the discussion of demands. Women should have an opinion and speak in the policies related to women, but also in relation to all the issues of Afghanistan, and try to contribute to the solution of the partial and general issues of the country.
In the end, Hussaini Mazari pointed out that the demands of pious Muslim women have both rewards in the hereafter and positive worldly consequences, and said: God willing, in the coming days we will try to plan in order to create a suitable structure for the women's section of the Tebyan Center, so that they can participate in the field of women's activities.
Meanwhile, a number of women expressed their views and demands from the officials of the Islamic Emirate government at the beginning of the "Women's Community and Rightful Demands from the Government of Afghanistan" meeting. Sadat Masoumi, the head of the women's section of the Tebyan Center in Mashhad, said: We want the rights and demands of women in Afghanistan according to Islamic laws and Sharia standards, and this meeting was held for this purpose and with the topic of the current demands of women from the government of the Islamic Emirate. So that women from different fields of society can make their demands.
Masoumi pointed out: Since women are half of the society and have always been history-makers and revolutionaries, the government should provide a ground as soon as possible so that the women of the country can work in the discussion of education and development of the society within the framework of Islamic laws and in excellence. The community should have serious participation.
Parveen Afshar, a civil activist and one of the participants in this meeting, requested the government of the Islamic Emirate to open the doors of schools and universities to Afghan girls as soon as possible. Present to the society in good health. When America fled from Afghanistan, they took the country's human resources, including scientific staff, doctors, engineers, experienced professors and other Afghan elites with them, so the government should allow this gap to be filled by continuing education.
The presence of women in the social, political, cultural and economic fields was another demand of Mrs. Afshar, who raised and said: Women should see their place in the government and be supported in the economic field in order to move the country's economic wheel together with men.
He pointed out that the people of Afghanistan no longer want to live with the help of countries in the region and the world, because our country is rich in natural resources. If the water of the Amu Sea is managed and the power dam is built, we will no longer need to import electricity from the neighbors. There is a lot of oil on the coast of Amu Darya. There are gas and oil wells in Sheberghan, and if we work on them, we will no longer need imported gas and oil. We request the Islamic Emirate to make serious efforts in the field of mining in Afghanistan to meet the basic needs of the people.
Ms. Afshar emphasized that immigration should be prevented and said: The Islamic Emirates should find the root of why people, especially young people, leave their homeland for neighboring countries or the West and prefer displacement. The field of job creation must be provided so that at least the hands of our youth reach their mouths. The youth who are the future builders of the country should not be allowed to leave the country, but they should be used in different fields.
This social activist considered making living conditions easier for women as his other request from the government of the Islamic Emirate and said: The people of Afghanistan have experienced forty years of war and they know that war has brought nothing but destruction and widows and orphans. A widow who has lost her husband and even several children and does not have a sharia guardian, in order to meet the basic needs of her family, it is inevitable to go to the doctor and go to the market and make necessary trips, so we request the attention of the government in this area.
At the end of his speech, he asked the Islamic Emirate to invite a number of migrant women who are refugees in other countries to talk to them face-to-face and to spread the government's work plans among the migrants so that people can trust and go back home. They should return to Afghanistan.
Fatima Yousefi, a graduate student in the field of urban planning, during her speech at this meeting, pointed out the high cost of issuing and renewing passports in Iran and said: "The hottest issue that not only the student community but the entire immigrant community in Iran is dealing with is the high cost of renewal and Or issuing a passport, which is really beyond the ability of immigrants who are mostly workers and especially students who have no source of income.
Referring to the prohibition of women's presence in society without a sharia mahram, Yousefi noted that, in addition to causing problems for women living inside the country, it has also caused fear and concern for female students studying in Iran. Knowledge Immigrant applicants must either go to Kish or Afghanistan to obtain a study visa, and despite the fact that traveling to Kish is more expensive and has a longer administrative process, compatriot girls still prefer to travel to Kish because of their concern about traveling to Afghanistan without a mahram.
In the end, this migrant student said: The third demand we have from the current government is to create and provide suitable conditions for the return of graduates from abroad to Afghanistan. Many students are concerned about returning to the country and taking part in its development, but with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate and considering that women are currently excluded from private organizations and institutions in the society, the conditions for us and the girls who are concerned about returning to the country is not ready.
Mahjan Hussaini, senior expert in philosophy, writer and cultural activist, pointing out that women have faced many ups and downs throughout history, sometimes as slaves, sometimes as sexual subjects, and sometimes they had equal rights with men, said: Defining women as equal rights to men does not mean that the legal differences between women and the difference between the roles of men and women are ignored, no! Equality means that just as a man has the right to life, life, choice, education and social presence, a woman has these rights according to her differences and characteristics.
Mrs. Hussaini pointed out that when a woman does not have the right to education, choosing a spouse, social presence and economic activity in the society, her rights are always violated and said: In order for women to achieve their rights, their first demand should be for their right to education. Women who are aware of the society can have plans and manage the path of education and treatment of the society better.
This expert on family issues in relation to the damage of restrictions imposed on a group of society, especially women, and the failure to remove them, noted: In this situation, these restrictions are moving towards social normalization. When the men of the society take away the right to education, choice and social presence from their women and girls, this will gradually move towards being institutionalized in that society and the next generations will think that this is the right thing to do and it should be continued.
Mrs. Hussaini emphasized that in order for men and women to take the path of dynamism and efforts to build the country, the first step is to provide the right and conditions of girls' education in the country as soon as possible by the government of the Islamic Emirate.
In the end, referring to the excessive freedoms of women during the republican era and its harms, he stated: If we, as mothers, teach our children to respect women, mothers and families and know their limits, surely in In the coming years and the next generations, we will have knowledgeable and knowledgeable people and those who value human rights, religious rights and social rights for women.
Ms. Khizran Hussaini, a student of the seminary and one of the participants in this meeting, in her speech also considered the duty of maintaining the social system and enjoining good and forbidding evil on the shoulders of the men and women of the society and said: the hidden and key need of a woman is her security; This means that more peace and less worry leads to the increasing prosperity of women.
Pointing out that the identity of women is the identity of the society and valuing women is a way of valuing the identity of the society, this seminary student, from providing a scientific platform and educational background for girls and women, respect for the personality of women and non-gender discrimination as his demands from Officials of the government of the Islamic Emirate mentioned.
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