Publish dateSunday 4 June 2023 - 09:11
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Pakistan says it has agreed to exchange goods for goods with Afghanistan, Russia and Iran
The Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan has announced that the country has signed an agreement with Russia, Iran and Afghanistan, after these trade exchanges between Pakistan and these countries, as much as possible, goods will be exchanged for goods.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): On Friday, June 2, the ministry has allowed government and private institutions in this country to exchange goods, including oil, from Moscow and Tehran in order to reduce the increasing pressure on foreign reserves.
According to this agreement, trade in goods will be allowed based on the principle of "imports followed by exports" and exports will be in accordance with the value of imported goods.
The Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan has announced that Pakistani private and public institutions can export about 26 goods to Afghanistan, Iran and Russia, including milk, ghee, eggs and cereals, meat and fish products, fruits and vegetables, rice, salt, products Medicine, leather and leather clothing, shoes, steel and sports equipment.
In return, Pakistan can import goods such as dry and fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses, spices, minerals and metals, coal and its products, raw rubber items, raw leather and hides, cotton, iron and steel from Afghanistan.
The government of Pakistan, which hardly has enough monetary reserves for one month's imports, is trying to manage the crisis of paying the price of imported goods and to control inflation, which reached about 38% last month.
Pakistan has also issued an order to ban the smuggling of flour, wheat, sugar and chemical fertilizers to Afghanistan.
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