Publish dateWednesday 7 June 2023 - 11:09
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Foreign organizations urged to resume work on environment projects in Afghanistan
Afghanistan National Environmental Protection Agency said that it had urged international organizations to resume work on 32 small and large environmental projects.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, “The international community should not politicize environmental issues. Foreign institutions should resume work on the projects in the field of an environmental improvement costing nearly 824 million U.S. dollars, which have now been suspended,” Hafiz Aziz Rahman, the agency director, said in a statement.
The National Environmental Protection Agency observed that several concerns, including deforestation, drought, flooding, and climate change, have contributed to environmental problems in the country.
“Last year, the National Environmental Protection Agency, in collaboration with the offices of various ministries, was able to reduce air pollution in Kabul and other areas,” Aziz Rahman noted.
The environmental protection agency also called on the people and companies to fight against plastic pollution and reduce their production and use. 
The report shows more than 430 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide yearly. 
Decades of war and conflict have been one of the factors that created several environmental issues in Afghanistan. These issues include water pollution, air and weather pollution in the country.
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