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Afghans have the zeal of the Companions; The image that the media presents of Afghanistan is completely different from the existing realities
A number of Islamic scholars in England who recently traveled to Afghanistan have said that the media has completely distorted the mainstream of reality in this country. They also added that Afghans have the zeal of the Companions.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: In a meeting at "Queen Mary" University in London, scholars praised the provision of security, improvement of the economic situation and the formation of the Islamic society in Afghanistan.
Sheikh Haitham al-Hadad, one of these scholars, said that the level of professionalism of the officials of the Islamic Emirate that he met "was really amazing".
He added: "They really want to do something for their country and for the nation, and may God help them to do this."
Mufti Ismail Satiye said: "We went to Afghanistan with a very open mind, we did not side with anyone. I found the people of Afghanistan very kind, generous, generous and flexible. But what affected me more was that it brought back to me the stories of the Companions that we were reading. They reminded me of those who sacrificed for Islam and those who were willing to do anything for Islam. We don't think that there are such people today, but talking to the people there and the scholars made me realize that these people have the same zeal as the Companions."
Sheikh Hamid Mahmood also said: "Before leaving for Afghanistan, I had never seen anything positive in the mainstream media, but after talking with members of the Afghan government, I realized that they are not only trying to free themselves from physical subjugation and colonialism, but also They are also financial, economic and intellectual slavery.
Sheikh Ammar al-Madani said in this meeting: "The image we have of Afghanistan is completely different from the realities on the scene." The happiness and satisfaction that people feel is completely different from what is portrayed through media channels. My request is that whatever information you want, it should be through proper channels.
This British delegation traveled to Afghanistan in July and met with senior officials of the Islamic Emirate.
According to Ariana News, Sheikh Haitham al-Hadad said regarding the issue of girls' education that the West uses this issue to make Afghanistan look bad. He said: In every society that comes out of war, there is a hierarchy of needs, and security and economy are prioritized.
He said: "If we are really worried about Afghanistan, the first question should be what is the security situation?" And 2022 was the first year in more than 40 years that there was no war in the entire region of Afghanistan, which is commendable. And if people are concerned about women, they should first ask if women are being harassed?"
Meanwhile, Sheikh Hamid Mahmoud said that girls' education is not banned per se, but "liberal and secular education has been suspended."
He recalled that Amir Khan Muttaqi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, told him that the Islamic Emirate does not consider the education of girls to be haram and that all girls still study at the primary level. In addition, he said that if girls want to become doctors and teachers or study at Darul Uloom, they can continue their education up to the university level.
According to Sheikh Hamad, Mr. Muttaqi said that in the past, Western secular thoughts entered the minds of students and they spoke against the Sharia and vices infiltrated, so the scholars brought this issue directly to the leader of the Islamic Emirate. Mr. Muttaqi has also said that we were united on the battlefield for 20 years and now that the time has come to rebuild the country, we cannot tolerate differences, and therefore the temporary suspension of liberal and secular education took place.
It should be mentioned that some Islamic scholars from England traveled to Afghanistan and met with the officials of the Islamic Emirate.
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