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Muttaqi Meets UNAMA Head on Afghanistan
4 Feb 2024 - 23:31
The meeting of the special representatives of the countries in Kabul will strengthen the Islamic Emirate
30 Jan 2024 - 16:16
The representatives of the region supported the stability and security in Afghanistan/ Afghanistan
30 Jan 2024 - 12:31
The meeting in Kabul is the first meeting of the regional contact committee/ the goal of the first round of talks should be to maintain the security of the people of Afghanistan and its neighborhood
30 Jan 2024 - 09:57
Imported versions have not worked for Afghanistan/ a local solution should be given a chance/ Afghanistan does not need a new special representative!
30 Jan 2024 - 09:40
Neighboring countries and the region with the support of the United Nations can play a role in helping Afghanistan more than any other party
29 Jan 2024 - 14:36
The meeting of the representatives of the region and neighboring countries will be held today in Kabul
29 Jan 2024 - 09:33
Afghanistan will host a meeting of special representatives of some neighboring countries tomorrow
28 Jan 2024 - 15:24
Iran, Afghanistan discuss legal, judicial cooperation
21 Jan 2024 - 00:15
A bilateral meeting was held between Mawlawi Amir Khan Mottaqi and Mr. Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Special Representative of Iran for Afghanistan
10 Jan 2024 - 17:03
Pakistan’s Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman engages in talks with the IEA in Kabul
7 Jan 2024 - 23:09
The Islamic Emirate now only pursues religious and national interests in its foreign policy
29 Dec 2023 - 11:13
The countries of the region should recognize the Islamic Emirate to solve their political and economic problems
28 Dec 2023 - 14:20
The anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; Haqqani says that foreign enemies will not invade in the short term
28 Dec 2023 - 12:16
The political deputy of the Prime Minister
27 Dec 2023 - 14:12
Muttaqi: Islamabad withdrew from negotiations on the eve of an agreement with TTP
26 Dec 2023 - 13:48
What happened in the meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Iran in Tehran?!
25 Dec 2023 - 16:17
Maulavi Muttaqi
24 Dec 2023 - 11:59
The Zionist regime has violated more than 400 international resolutions and statements/ America and the Zionists should be tried for crimes against humanity
24 Dec 2023 - 09:43
Economic cooperation and the fight against drug trafficking have led to the expansion of relations between Afghanistan and Iran
23 Dec 2023 - 15:06
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