Publish dateThursday 28 September 2023 - 11:52
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Distance Between Universities And Madrasas Removed
In a public meeting in Badakhshan, the Acting Minister of Higher Education, said that the children of some government officials obtained academic certificates without attending the classes.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, “Many students sign an attendance in university, and they were in London and America; they were in Dubai or elsewhere. they appeared once or twice a year; When four years were completed, they would graduate with the first grade in the name of engineer and doctor,” said Neda Mohammad Nadim. 
The acting minister said that in the past, there was a distance between universities and madrasas, but now the distance has been removed. 
“There was a hatred between the university and the school and between the university professor and the school professor…,” said Neda Mohammad Nadim. 
Meanwhile, some residents of Badakhshan in the meeting demanded that the current government increase the privileges of professors at schools and universities, and establish a faculty of medicine and tourism at the University of Badakhshan. 
“School teachers and university professors should be given a self-sufficient income so that they can do well in the field of education,” said Abdul Momen Hazim, head of Scholar in Badakhshan. 
“A medical faculty should be created, we have the capacity, we have the place, and we are ready for any task for it,” said Rahimullah Noori, a Badakhshan resident. 
In the meeting, the Acting Minister of Higher Education once again asked lecturers living abroad to return to the country.
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