Publish dateThursday 5 October 2023 - 12:20
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Putin: Creating a multipolar world order is a must
The Russian president said that the world is getting rid of dictators who make others into economic slaves, and the establishment of a multipolar world order is a necessity.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday night (October 4, 2023): Building a multipolar world order that is more democratic, honest and fair for the majority of humanity is simply inevitable and historically necessary. .
Stating that the world is gradually getting rid of the dictatorship of the financial and economic model, Putin noted that the goal of these dictators is to drive other regions of the world into debt and slavery and turn them into economic colonies, and they are trying to deprive them of development resources. .
Pointing out that creating strong economic foundations based on modern technologies is necessary for creating a multipolar world order, he said: In addition, modern technologies open new options for both people and businesses and allow governments to finance institutions and Establish and support a public policy that reflects the changing reality of a multipolar world and will facilitate the development of more convenient and secure international payment systems.
Stating that the countries that manage world currencies are at the top of a financial pyramid, and this is not in line with the interests of the majority of countries in the world, Putin emphasized: "I strongly expect that despite all the current complications in the international scene, we will eventually Let's reach a consensus about revising the current state of world currencies because the current state is only in the interest of the countries that are currently at the top of this financial pyramid.
  According to most observers, the unipolar world has definitely come to an end. World politics is now full of emerging powers, and Washington, meanwhile, must accept its new regressive destiny and let another actor have the chance to play this role and contribute to a multipolar world.
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