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Qatar: We are optimistic about the extension of the ceasefire/Hamas: The ceasefire has been extended for another day
The meeting of the cabinet of the Israeli regime to review the renewal of the ceasefire, the sixth exchange of prisoners, the extension of the ceasefire for another day and the phone call between Biden and Netanyahu are among the most important developments in the morning of the occupied Palestine on the 55th day of the Al-Aqsa storm.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: At the same time as the news about the possibility of extending the temporary ceasefire in Gaza for the second time, the media of the Israeli regime reported early this Thursday that the war cabinet of this regime has convened a meeting to consider the possibility of extending the ceasefire.

At the same time as the exchange of prisoners for the sixth consecutive day and the arrival of Zionist prisoners to the occupied territories, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar announced the exchange of prisoners for the seventh day, which indicates that the Israeli regime will have to agree to the exchange of prisoners and the renewal of the ceasefire in the coming hours.

On the other hand, according to the previous announcement, the US foreign minister arrived in Tel Aviv to discuss with the Zionist authorities about recent and future developments in occupied Palestine. In particular, according to the claims of the American media, the Biden government is worried about the rekindling of the war and the Israeli army's attack on the southern Gaza Strip.

Hamas: The ceasefire has been extended for another day

The Hamas movement announced that according to the agreement, the temporary ceasefire was extended for another day.

Israeli army spokesman: The temporary ceasefire will continue

The spokesperson of the Zionist regime army said: Due to the efforts of the mediators to continue the release of the hostages (prisoners), the temporary ceasefire will continue.

Meanwhile, the Zionist War Council had ended its meeting on the extension of the ceasefire without making a decision in this regard.

Hamas's statement about the Zionist regime's violation of the ceasefire

Hamas movement: The Zionist occupiers have opposed the extension of the temporary humanitarian ceasefire with the same conditions as the previous ones by releasing seven women and children and handing over the bodies of three martyrs, women and children, who were martyred in the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip.

According to Palestinian media reports, Hamas has announced that so far there has been no progress or announcement regarding the extension of the ceasefire in Gaza.

Palestinian media reported that if the ceasefire is not extended before 7 am (local time), the war will resume.

  Resumption of armed battle with Zionist soldiers in Tulkarm camp

News sources announced that the armed conflict and the targeting of Zionist soldiers with explosive packages have resumed in the Tulkarm camp in the occupied West Bank.

On the other hand, following the attack of Zionist soldiers on the house of a Palestinian family in Bethlehem city, some members of this family were beaten.

Request to Qassam fighters: Be ready to continue the battle if the temporary ceasefire is not extended

Ezzedin Qassam, the military branch of the Hamas movement, asked his fighters to be ready to continue fighting the Zionist occupation if the temporary ceasefire is not extended, and to maintain their readiness until the official statement on the extension of the ceasefire is issued.

Qatar announced the exchange of prisoners for the seventh round

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar announced this Thursday morning that 30 Palestinian prisoners will be released today, compared to 10 Israeli prisoners, along with two Russian citizens and four Thai citizens.

According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, 16 of them are minors and 14 are Palestinian women.

The arrival of lorries carrying aid to northern Gaza

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that 21 hours ago, lorries carrying humanitarian aid entered Gaza City (in the north of the Gaza Strip) and the northern areas of this city.

Attacking the supporters of Palestine and arresting them at the University of Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish police arrested a number of Finnish students at the University of Helsinki who had organized a solidarity rally in support of Palestine and condemnation of Zionist crimes.

"Axius" claim: Biden is worried about Israel's attack on southern Gaza

The US analytical news website Axios reported, quoting the country's officials, that Joe Biden said in a phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu that the manner of "Israeli operations" in the north of Gaza cannot be repeated in the south.

According to these sources, the American president made these statements in response to Netanyahu's intention of the necessity of a military attack on southern Gaza in order to achieve what he called the destruction of Hamas.

Axios also wrote that the prime minister of the Israeli regime agreed with Biden's request to jointly review the plans for "operations in southern Gaza" before any attack.

It should be noted that the unprecedented amount of destruction in Gaza and the killing of thousands of Palestinian people during the recent war has led to an increase in dissatisfaction with the Biden administration inside and outside the United States.

The martyrdom of a Palestinian youth in Ramallah

One of the Palestinian youths who was wounded in the shooting of Israeli regime soldiers, was martyred.

The Israeli regime is trying to make the bitterness of its defeat in the recent war and the exchange of prisoners bitter for the Palestinians with this morning's attacks in front of the Ofer prison and also in the town of Bituna on the welcomers in Ramallah.
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