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Last year, Afghanistan experienced its worst drought in the last 30 years
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has announced that last year Afghanistan suffered its worst drought in 30 years. OCHA has also expressed concern about the continuation of drought in Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: OCHA published a report saying that the temperature in Helmand province has risen by 2.4 degrees more than in other parts of Afghanistan.

According to the report, Afghanistan's vulnerability to an average heat increase of 1.8 degrees between 1951 and 2010 is double the global average due to climate change.

This institution has stated that agriculture, water, energy, health, forestry, biodiversity, ecosystems, livelihood and economy are affected by these climate changes.

The report states: "Afghanistan suffered its worst drought in 30 years last year 2023, exacerbating the challenges it is now facing in its third consecutive year of drought conditions, which has increased the level of food insecurity in Afghanistan. It is kept among the highest levels in the world.

According to this report, climate change has had the biggest impact on the agricultural sector and has also severely challenged 30 provinces, including 34 provinces, in terms of water quality.

According to OCHA, desertification has affected more than 75% of the land in the northern, western and southern regions, and sorghum agriculture, which 60% of the population depends on, is in danger due to changes in rainfall patterns and climate change in this country. is facing

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid has noted that the situation in Afghanistan is dire; So that 21 million people in this country now need clean water and sanitation, which has increased sharply compared to 2.4 million people a decade ago.

This concern is raised while successive droughts in the last few years in different provinces of the country have worried and affected the residents of these provinces.

It should be said that drought and lack of water is one of the basic challenges of farmers.
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