Publish dateMonday 26 February 2024 - 14:15
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The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority resigned from his post
The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority announced the resignation of his government.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to the Palestinian "Sama" news agency, "Mohammed Ashtiyeh" announced today Monday that since last Tuesday, I have submitted the resignation of my government to "Mahmoud Abbas", the head of the Palestinian Authority, and Today I submit my request in writing.

After announcing the resignation of his government, Ashtieh emphasized: Despite the unprecedented siege imposed on us, we remain loyal to the martyrs and prisoners, our people in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian National Project, Jerusalem, our saints and heroes.

He continued: We faced challenges, none of which were of our own making, and we suffered many hardships because Palestine was worth these hardships.

News sources reported this morning that the government of the Palestinian Authority headed by Mohammad Ashtiyeh will resign today.

According to this report, the current government of the self-governing organization will continue its activities as the government of advancing affairs.

Meanwhile, a Hamas source told Al-Arabiya network earlier that this movement does not care about the upcoming changes in the self-governing government by Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority.

Pointing out that Hamas wants to form a Palestinian national government with the consensus of all groups, this source added: The next government should have specific tasks and a temporary period of time.

This source added: Our delegation in Moscow will discuss the formation of a national government for a specific period and with specific tasks.
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