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Due to the lack of a responsible government, intra-Afghan talks remained inconclusive/ America committed 1,700 violations in 14 months after the Doha agreement
Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, in his new statements at the same time as signing the Doha Peace Agreement, said that America committed 1,700 violations in 14 months after signing the Doha Agreement. He also added that intra-Afghan talks will remain unsuccessful due to the lack of a responsible government.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) Kabul: Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said in an interview on the anniversary of the Doha Agreement: The timing of the evacuation of foreign forces from their bases and the non-launching of operations by the Islamic Emirate on the return routes of American forces. Bagram was one of the parts of this agreement.
He added: The Islamic Emirate's non-launching of operations near the bases of American forces and specifying the time of withdrawal of foreign forces from different routes in Afghanistan were also part of the agreement.
Muttaqi told "Tolo News" that in the appendices of the agreement, it was stated that the "Mujahideen" would not operate in the first military bases, because the Americans might be hiding there and they would be protected by the local police forces and the army; Or, for example, on the road from Khost to Kabul, whenever there was a war, the other side would inform the Islamic Emirate that our soldiers would go to Kabul at seven o'clock tomorrow morning, and they would request that there be no operations on this route for seven nights.
Emphasizing that the Islamic Emirate has been committed to its obligations in the Doha Agreement, the foreign minister of the caretaker government said about the violations of the United States: We noted the violation of the United States and its bombing for 14 months, during this time they committed 1,700 violations. You estimate how much blood was spilled in 1700 violations and how many were martyred.
Regarding the intra-Afghan talks, he said: The lack of a responsible government caused these talks to remain unsuccessful.
Muttaqi added: We wanted the negotiations to come to an end, the negotiations continued for a year, but no progress was seen. The reason was that the government of Kabul did not speak the same language, it did not have a single government. Second, those who were sent as representatives for negotiations did not have the necessary qualifications and talent to advance issues of this magnitude.
The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs further emphasized: The rejection of Kabul's proposal for a meaningful dialogue in connection with the Afghanistan issue with all the special representatives of the countries in the second Doha meeting was one of the main reasons for the absence of the Islamic Emirate in the Doha meeting.
He also added: With the acceptance of Kabul's demands, the representatives of the Islamic Emirate will participate in the next meetings about Afghanistan.
It should be mentioned that 4 years ago, on the 10th of Hoot, the peace agreement between the United States and the Islamic Emirate was signed in the city of Doha, Qatar, after months of negotiations.
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