Publish dateThursday 16 May 2024 - 11:34
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6,000 University of Washington Student Workers Go on Strike
In a quest for improved wages, 6,000 student workers at the University of Washington (UW) launched a strike, suspending their duties and assembling on picket lines scattered across campus.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Despite continuous contract negotiations until late Monday night, no agreements were reached. This struggle has unfolded over the last three months, marked by repeated extensions in negotiation talks, Fox News reported.
There are growing concerns about the potential impact on student finals and graduation if a resolution is not swiftly achieved.
The UW administration acknowledges the vital role played by workers in maintaining campus operations and hopes for minimal disruptions. However, as of now, a resolution remains elusive.
Tuesday commenced with spirited chants and a sea of picket signs advocating for fair contracts and livable wages. CJ Nave, a fourth-year physics graduate student, expressed his yearning for a living wage, emphasizing the financial strain faced by many student workers.
"It's demeaning being a 27-year-old who needs help from his parents to afford rent," Nave said.
Soohyung Hur, a UW teaching assistant, shed light on the dire financial circumstances faced by many, including struggles to afford groceries and resorting to living in vehicles.
"We need more," Hur emphasized, adding, "We deserve more to actually survive. This is all about being able to live in the city that we work in."
The disparity in wages between UW and other public research universities is glaring. While the average UW student worker earns $23,500 annually ($1958 monthly), counterparts at comparable institutions receive around $3,400 monthly. Health care and immigration leave are among the demands that have seen progress, with wages emerging as the sole contentious issue.
A University of Washington spokesperson disclosed that UW's latest proposal includes pay increases of 12%, 8%, and 8% over the contract's three years, along with reinstated 100% UW-paid health insurance. However, the union seeks higher annual increases of 12%.
"The University of Washington had three years to prepare for this contract cycle, and it's evident that they have not," Hur criticized, accusing the administration of inadequate planning.
The university remains optimistic that any disruption to UW students due to this strike will be minimal. Nonetheless, with finals approaching in early June and commencement just weeks away, the urgency for a resolution is amplified.
"I wish I was back with my students," Hur lamented. 
Until a deal is reached, the sight of student workers on strike across campus will persist. UW asserts that negotiations will resume throughout Tuesday, underscoring the ongoing determination of student workers./Fars
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