Publish dateWednesday 14 December 2022 - 09:34
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60% decrease in factory production due to power cut
Officials of the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines say that the increase in power outages has reduced the production of factories in industrial parks by about 60 percent.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Rahimullah Samander; The executive head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, in a conversation with Ava reporter, noted that currently 60 large factories are operating in Kabul's industrial parks, and the power cuts have reduced 60% of the production of these companies.
He warned that if the problem of electricity supply is not removed, this number will increase and even many factories will stop working.
According to Samander, production companies have electricity for 8 hours a day for three days a week, and this amount of electricity is not enough for them.
The executive head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines noted that they had to divide the factories into two-time work shifts in Kabul and the provinces. But recent incidents have disrupted even this process.
He reminded that there is currently a problem of electricity shortage in all provinces and if this problem is not addressed, the factories will stop working.
Meanwhile, the sword; The head of a manufacturing company told AVA reporter that they had set up four manufacturing plants a few months ago with an investment of millions of dollars; But the lack of electricity has made these companies face the challenge of inactivity.
Shamshir added that since 10 days, their production companies in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces have not had any production or processing, and although they have had several meetings with the union of production companies and the head of Breshna; But the lack of electricity continues.
Based on his statements, the use of generator electricity is also not cost effective for companies due to the high price of diesel and gasoline, and they have to stop their activities during the hours of no electricity.
This is despite the fact that yesterday, a number of industrialists, businessmen and factory officials, in a meeting with Mawlavi Qadratullah Jamal; The Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade demanded that the electricity and customs tariff problems of traders and factory owners be dealt with.
However, Breshna Company assures that it will increase the import of electricity.
The spokesperson of Breshna told AVA reporter that the import of electricity from Uzbekistan has decreased and the company is trying to increase the import of electricity from Turkmenistan and other countries in the region.
Stating that there is a problem in Uzbekistan's electricity production network, Mayundi added that the electricity of Kabul and 11 other provinces was supplied by imported electricity from Uzbekistan, and with its interruption, Afghanistan faced a shortage of electricity and Uzbekistan could not supply electricity to Afghanistan as per the contract.
However, there are speculations that Uzbekistan has cut off Afghanistan's electricity supply due to the debt of the Breshna Company, and this debt is more than political leaders, parliamentarians, jihadi commanders and powerful people of the republic period.
It should be mentioned that Afghanistan imports 80% of its electricity needs from the countries of the region, especially Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Iran, and these countries cut off the imported electricity from time to time.
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