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destroying poppy fields, arresting criminals and law-breaking employees and preventing tax evasion; One-year record of the police in Balkh
The spokesperson of Balkh Province Police refers to the one-year activities of traffic management, passports, combating criminal offenses, combating drugs and firefighting. Issuing passports, driver's licenses and documents for cars without documents and arresting employees who violate passport management are among the activities of the police in Balkh province.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Mohammad Isa Vathiq, spokesman of the Balkh province police, told AVA reporter that about 1,20 criminal cases occurred in Mazar-e-Sharif city and districts of Balkh province in the year 1402, including 30 cases. It includes suicide, 5 cases of kidnapping, 169 cases of theft and 157 cases of moral corruption or adultery.

He stated that in these cases, 1,472 people, including 257 women, were arrested and handed over to judicial institutions.

Referring to the anti-narcotics management activities of the Balkh Province Police Command, Vathiq added: "More than 330 kilograms of glass, opium, marijuana, pills, heroin and acid and more than 1,100 liters of alcoholic beverages were seized by the security forces in the year 1402. 216 cases and 340 detainees were seized and 47 motorcycles and 5 tablet devices were recovered from the detainees.

He added that about 100 acres of poppy and hemp cultivation land were destroyed this year and last year and 96 people were arrested for illegal cultivation.

Balkh police spokesperson said: Since last year, the management of addiction treatment camps have managed to treat 100 men and 90 women, and more than 2,800 addicts have returned to their families after treatment.

The collection of traffic management and passport revenues has reached more than 546 since last year

Vathiq added that since last year, the traffic management of Balkh province has been able to issue and renew driving licenses for more than 9 thousand people and issue temporary licenses with license plates for 10 thousand 600 cars without documents.

The mentioned stated that 4317 cases of tax evasion were prevented and unfortunately 129 traffic accidents occurred, which resulted in the death of 85 people and the injury of 42 people.

He said about the income of traffic management of Balkh Province: The income of this department has reached more than 301 million Afghani since last year.

The spokesperson of the Balkh province police announced the arrest of 10 employees of the passport management of this province for breaking the law and abusing their duties and said that the total revenue of this management since last year has reached more than 245 million afghanis and more than 43 thousand passport covers in the form of It has been distributed online and offline to citizens and 205 cases of country visa extension by foreign nationals have been registered.

Referring to the fire management activities of the Balkh Police Command, he said that about 116 fires in Mazar-e-Sharif city have been contained since last year, and damages amounting to 88 million have been prevented.

It should be mentioned that the police commander of Balkh Province emphasizes on the professional interaction of his forces with the people and wants the cooperation of the people with the police forces.
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