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The Islamic Emirate
In his visit to Panjshir, the deputy expert of the Ministry of Economy said that the Islamic Emirate, according to its scientific-economic solutions, is trying to develop the country's industry and domestic product production system at the level of every province and make Afghanistan self-reliant through economic channels.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Dr. Abdul Taif Nazari, during his visit to Panjshir Governor Hafiz Muhammad Agha Hakim, participated in the coordination meeting of the Anjos and the Provincial Development Committee, which was held in the presence of the heads of local departments, competent representatives of national and international institutions.

The governor of Panjshir said in this meeting that important and key works in terms of health, education, infrastructure, mines, providing employment opportunities have been done in a better way at the level of Panjshir, but due to the many problems that the residents of Panjshir have, it is not enough and we want more.

 According to the deputy expert of the Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, according to its economic plan, it wants all development projects to be implemented at the level of the country according to the needs, satisfaction of the people, balanced, transparent and uniform, especially in the less developed areas.

He said that Panjshir, from the point of view of not having economic income, is in the center of attention of the Islamic system.

 The purpose of the Ministry of Economy's visit to Panjshir is to review the economic situation, to try to start the work of Panjshir provincial hospital, to implement balanced development projects and to strengthen people's relations with the Islamic Emirate.

He asked the institutions to implement the construction projects in a fair, balanced and transparent manner according to the needs of the people.

Also, the Deputy Professional of the Ministry of Economy once again assured in the development of construction projects, attracting foreign donors, addressing the needs of the people in the superstructure and infrastructure sector.

In this meeting, the officials of the local administrations, while presenting the report of their work, also raised some of their needs and requests.

In this meeting, the representatives of the donor institutions also promised to adapt the projects according to the needs of the people and the quality in that meeting, by stating their functions.
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