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Rwanda Plan; Black UK project for Afghan refugees
Britain is trying to send many Afghan refugees to Rwanda in the African continent; A place that seems to have no better situation than Afghanistan and where torture, forced labor and sexual exploitation take place.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The people of Afghanistan, who had endured killings, insecurity, displacement, hunger and poverty for years due to the attack of the United States and England, expected a better situation with the departure of these countries, and some were afraid of the new government. And with the wish of a carefree life, they went to other countries, including England.
Britain is trying to send many asylum seekers, including Afghans, to the country of Rwanda in the African continent; A place that seems to have no better situation than Afghanistan and where torture, forced labor and sexual exploitation take place. It seems that the consequences of the actions of the United States and England in Afghanistan have not left its people.
Aggressors attack Afghanistan
Britain's attempt to renew its influence in international relations through the development of its relations with the United States made this country enter Afghanistan in 2001, following Bush's policy. British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who recently received the Garter from Elizabeth II, announced after the September 11 incident that his country would work side-by-side with the United States to fight terrorism and pledged that the British military would do this. They will go to Afghanistan.
Statistics show that Britain has allocated the most human and financial resources to the war in Afghanistan after America. According to the documents of the Ministry of Defense of this country, more than 150,000 British army personnel have been sent to Afghanistan. These documents also stated that the total cost of England during the last two decades is more than 27 billion pounds.
It seems that the invading countries, including the UK, have been trying to justify their long-term presence in Afghanistan by managing insecurity and adopting a dual policy and to achieve their maximum benefits through anti-human rights measures.
Investigations show that this war had more than 241 thousand casualties, of which 71 thousand were civilians, 444 were aid workers and 72 were journalists. Also, the report published by Brown University in America indicates that 7792 children were killed and 662 others were injured in Afghanistan in the last decade. According to this report, since 2010, 3,000 women have been killed and 7,000 others have been injured. In the following report, the year 1399 AH has been considered the deadliest year for Afghan women in the past decade with the death of 390 women.
These statistics do not include deaths from disease, lack of access to food, water, infrastructure or other indirect consequences of war. According to United Nations statistics, in 2021, about one-third of Afghans will suffer from malnutrition, and half of these people are children under 5 years old.
Exposing war crimes in Afghanistan
In recent years, British media have exposed the crimes of this country's special forces in Afghanistan. In 2019, the results of a joint investigation by the Sunday Times newspaper and the Panorama television program showed that the British army committed war crimes in Afghanistan. The killing of three children and a young Afghan man in 2012 by a British special forces soldier was among the war crimes that were mentioned in this investigation. According to the report of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan, night attacks by British, American and other special forces units in Afghanistan have resulted in the death of 295 civilians between 2009 and 2012.
But in the latest revelation in recent weeks, the BBC media published a report on the war crimes of British special forces during the NATO war in Afghanistan. According to this report, in 2010, the special forces of the British army killed 54 prisoners and illegally detained civilians during night operations. Some witnesses have stated that they saw unarmed Afghans being brutally killed by the British Special Air Service forces, and then the British soldiers tried to stage and connect the civilians with terrorist groups by placing weapons and drugs next to the bodies of the dead.
 In the continuation of its report, the BBC reported that the senior officers of the army were aware of this war crime and wrote: Sir Mark Carlton Smith, the former head of the British special forces, was aware of the allegations of illegal killings, but did not transfer the evidence to the British Royal Military Police.
The disclosure of these cases occurs while the "Theresa May" government; In February 2017, the former British Prime Minister decided to abruptly end all investigations into war crimes by the British military, a decision that was heavily criticized by non-governmental organizations, including Amnesty International.
The failure of the policies of the United States and its allies due to the lack of a clear strategy, the inability to deal with militant groups, not being accepted by the Afghan people, and being caught in the pit of huge costs, made this country, after the agreement with the Taliban forces, leave Afghanistan after Leave two decades. The scandalous and unplanned withdrawal of America led to unprecedented chaos in Afghanistan.
The mismanagement of the western countries in the process of expelling foreigners and Afghan civilians caused the death and injury of hundreds of people. These conditions eventually resulted in the retention of many Afghans eligible for transfer, including many local employees of the armed forces and foreign embassies. England has promised to accept 20,000 asylum seekers within 5 years. However, investigations show that such a promise has not been fulfilled even for the Afghan employees of the army and the embassy of this country.
In this regard, the Guardian newspaper reported that about 200 former employees of the British Embassy in Afghanistan, including translators and employees of the embassy's security department, despite having the conditions to transfer to England, are still living in Afghanistan in a difficult situation and secretly. Also, more than 9,000 people who are eligible for transfer are still waiting for acceptance but have not yet received an answer.
The deplorable situation of the asylum seekers
Despite the retention of a large number of Afghans eligible for admission, a number of Afghan citizens have left the country during the British exit operation. Surveys show that most of the asylum seekers are accommodated in temporary shelters, hotels and camps and live in very bad conditions. Afghans criticize the conditions of their detention and say that they are treated like prisoners. According to the statements of other asylum seekers, they do not even have the right to open the windows, and they only have the right to leave the accommodation for 15 minutes during 24 hours. Overpopulation has disturbed the living conditions; It was not long ago that the fall of a 5-year-old Afghan child from a hotel window and the disproportionate service of these hotels became the headlines of British newspapers.
Human Rights Watch has also warned about the situation of Afghan refugee women. The report of this organization shows that Afghan women are exposed to a sense of insecurity and serious mental pressure due to lack of privacy in temporary accommodation places due to strict control of their behavior and actions and facing verbal harassment.
Racial discrimination against asylum seekers
In addition to the inappropriate and worrisome condition of the accommodation places and the failure to address the conditions of Afghan refugees after nearly a year, these people are also facing some racist and discriminatory behavior. Afghan asylum seekers are increasingly being harassed by some British far-right and anti-immigrant groups. These groups invite people to oppose the settlement of Afghans by using widespread propaganda. Demonstrations and correspondence with parliamentarians are also seriously pursued by these people.
Discrimination in providing services and amenities is one of the other problems of Afghans. Currently, many asylum seekers have been moved to the outskirts of cities and have limited access to support facilities. In addition, encountering the police is another problem for asylum seekers, numerous reports of police brutality against racial minorities show the difficult situation of these groups. These reports indicate that Asian minorities are twice as likely to be searched by British police.
The departure of Afghan immigrants from the prison to the well in Rwanda
Published statistics indicate that until today, more than 6 million Afghans have been displaced due to the attack of western countries on this land, of which about three million people are refugees or asylum seekers in different countries. The departure of America and England last year also increased the number of these people. One of the destination countries of Afghan immigrants is England.
The British government has announced that Afghans are the largest group that entered the UK through the English Channel in the first 3 months of 2022. In these three months alone, about a thousand Afghans have entered the UK illegally. However, these people are likely to be included in the Rwanda plan and be deported from England. The Rwanda plan is a new policy adopted by the British government towards asylum seekers. According to this plan, the British government can send all those who have illegally entered the country since January 1, i.e., the beginning of this year, to Rwanda. A country in the continent of Africa.
So far, many human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations have expressed their opposition to this policy. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has declared that this policy is illegal and against the United Nations Refugee Convention. Britain insists on deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda while criticizing Rwanda last year for its inability to investigate human rights violations; Rita French, the UK's international human rights ambassador, expressed regret that Rwanda does not conduct transparent, credible and independent investigations into allegations of human rights violations, including deaths in custody and torture.
What has been said is only a part of England's double policies in the field of human rights. A look at the actions of this country, whether during the war in Afghanistan towards the citizens or after the war, towards the asylum seekers, indicates the hollowness of the statements of the authorities of this country regarding the issue of human rights. It is evident that English human rights are only subject to the interests of this country and are a political tool to limit its rivals and enemies.
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