Publish dateSunday 14 August 2022 - 15:45
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America and creating sedition for the continuation of global domination and power
Gholam Reza Sadat - America, as the hegemonic power, has been committing violence, wars, murder, destruction, and arson for nearly a century to dominate the world. But what is important in the meantime is that he carries out these anti-human and anti-human acts under the title of defending democracy, democracy and the freedom and independence of countries. While contrary to these principles and approach, the movement and behavior of America is only in line with securing the interests of this country and uses human rights, freedom, independence, etc.
Looking at the past of America's criminal and bloody interventions from Japan and Korea to Vietnam and Nicaragua and the countries of Central America, except for the killing of people and the overthrow of governments that were to secure America's interests, there is no issue or case of human rights and political and collective freedoms.
Over the past two decades, America has marched into Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria with the empty claim of freedom of speech, human rights, and democracy, and with deception and trickery, and thousands of murders and committed crimes and acts against humanity; But then he left the people of these countries alone after years of occupation and destruction. Worst of all, he continues his brutal and criminal behavior with new tricks in the world.
Now, in the crisis and war in Ukraine, although one side is the main culprit of the crisis and war (Russia) as a hostile and aggressive country; But the provocative behavior of the West, and America in particular, in creating a crisis and dragging Russia into war, is more important and prominent than all other cases and issues.
America's role in the war and destruction of Ukraine, if not more than that of Russia, is not less than that, and the benefit that America takes from the war in Ukraine is more than the billions of dollars that have been given to Ukraine in the form of weapons, ammunition and equipment to keep this war burning.
In the war in Ukraine, America dragged Russia into a war of attrition, from which it is difficult and honorable for Russia to get out of it in any case in the short term. On the other hand, by sanctioning and confiscating Russia's assets, it has compensated tens of times of its aid to Ukraine.
Also, by creating a crisis in Ukraine, America has made European countries more indebted and dependent on their colonial and arrogant policies than before by sending active personnel and advanced equipment. However, the supremacy policy of the Westerners has been following America during the recent decades.
But with all these approaches, America's tricks and mischief in the Ukraine war has been shown to everyone, Russia has bypassed a large part of America's tricks and stood against it with the help it has done.
However, what is important in the devastating war in Ukraine is the severe loss of European countries from this war. European countries with all their wealth and power; However, along with the authoritarian domination of America and the power-seeking hegemony of the infamous NATO alliance, of which the majority are members, they are bearing the losses of the war.
Today, the shortage and challenge that have forced European countries to struggle due to the lack of fuel and food is not a small loss, and this issue can challenge Europe's energy and food security in the long run.
At the same time, the lever of pressure and the most important blow to the country of Ukraine is the most. Zelensky with comedy games; But the truth is that this country was trapped by the American conspiracy against the Russian invasion, which resulted in the destruction of Ukraine with a messed up economy and tired and wounded people who will bear the pain and wounds of the war for years.
On the other hand, in the case of Taiwan, America is doing the scenario of Ukraine. America wants to light the fire of war and trap China in the mire with its movements and intrigues in the Far East.
America's goal is to provoke China to invade Taiwan and to give the US an excuse to confiscate and block Chinese assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the US in the first step, and at the same time impose sanctions against Beijing along with Europeans should impose to stop China's economic growth; Because otherwise, with the rapid economic growth that China has had during these years, it has become America's main challenge and will soon leave America behind in this field.
On the other hand, if America is able to light the flame of war in the Far East, the country will be able to sell thousands of tons of weapons to the countries of the Far East, including Taiwan, and America will earn billions of dollars from this region, which will win in both cases. He has assumed himself.
With this description and in the general summary that America's goal, whether in Ukraine or Taiwan or any other part of the world, as history proves, is not the issue of human rights, nor freedom and democracy, etc.; Rather, what is important for America is the material and economic interests, and more importantly, the perpetuation of the colonial and authoritarian rule of this country, which has kept it alive and aims to perpetuate it with deceit, trickery, mischief, and igniting war and violence.
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