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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions; Reasons and consequences (3)

Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari/continuation of the previous Part
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions; Reasons and consequences (3)
The second reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; Subscription to positions
The second reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate is the sharing of positions on many issues and issues that cannot be explained in this article, but I will mention a few as examples.
A; The rule of Islamic narrative
After more than 20 years, for the first time, the Islamic narrative dominates in all the structures of the system, in such a way that when you enter in big and small cities and villages, Islamic manifestations are clearly and boldly seen during the republic, such an environment and conditions were not only not seen, but anti-Islamic and religious manifestations were unbearable for every believer and pious person and made hearts saddened.
From the beginning of its establishment, the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan has been seeking the establishment of an Islamic government and its shadow control over the whole country. Now, the religious expectations may not be fulfilled 100%, or there may be differences between what we want and what exists now. Yes, it can be felt, but of course, many deficiencies and deficiencies can be solved with intellectual, cultural and social efforts and struggles, but in general, every Muslim feels calm when he sees the narrative that governs the entire governmental and national structures. He comes to the conclusion that he speaks, writes, walks and lives in an Islamic country.
B; Arrogant spirit
One of the principles of Islam is to fight against global arrogance and at the head of it, America, and today the prevailing spirit at the level of all officials, employees and soldiers of the Islamic Emirate is the same issue. Although in the current situation, the opponents say that this claim is false, because the Taliban is made by the hands of America and the West, but in response we can say; Although elements affiliated with the United States may have influence among the Taliban and the Islamic Emirate in general, the main policy of the Islamic Emirate and its body as a whole is opposition to the West and the United States, and many examples can be given to prove this claim. The most prominent of which was the 20-year war against America and its ruling culture in Afghanistan, but today's clear example of this opposition is the construction of the symbol of Jerusalem at one of the busy intersections in Kabul, and this is not a small or negligible task. That America's red line is the integrity of the occupying Quds regime and the security of its occupied territories, and the action of the Kabul municipality regarding the construction of this symbol is a clear message of open and serious opposition to America and the West. From the beginning, the Tebyan Center was founded on this principle, that is, a serious confrontation with arrogance, and any movement and government that adopts or does this policy, will be liked by us and will never have doubts in interacting and aligning with it.
C; Decisive fight against the hated ISIS group
Although we have not forgotten that during the years before the Taliban came to power in the second phase, this movement had bloody conflicts with the ISIS group, but after coming to power, it is clear that there is no mercy for the members, individuals and nuclei of ISIS and if they find out about the presence of the networks of this hateful and terrorist group, they do not have the least doubt in destroying it. Of course, this policy is not only pleasing to the Tebyan Center, but all the Muslim people, especially the Shia of Afghanistan, are satisfied with its process and support it.
D; Intransigence with Salafism and serious confrontation with Wahhabism
Another movement that took root in Afghanistan during the past twenty years with the organization and support of Saudi Arabia and the establishment of the Republic, and gained significant depth and breadth with special educational coverage; It is a decadent and rotten thought of Wahhabism as well as Salafism. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of young people were infected with this thought during the past years. Now, we have witnessed the Emirate's conflict with this thinking and we have been convinced that the government officials are not only trying to prevent the promotion and re-propaganda of this fake religion, but also what has been worked on in the past and as the cores of propaganda and weaponization in different places. The country exists, it is the object of attention, follow-up and attack by the security institutions, especially the intelligence of Afghanistan. For this reason, it is natural that the Tebyan Center strongly welcomes the existence of such a policy and is willing to engage seriously with the Islamic Emirate.
E; fight against corruption
1- Fight against moral corruption
In the past 20 years, the strategic work of the West was to promote moral corruption in Afghanistan, in such a way that moral unrestrainedness was clearly visible from the cities and villages, and prostitution and corruption had reached such a peak that it made the environment for healthy breathing it was taken from our pious people. It is not possible to point out many examples in this short article, but it can be said that the West's greatest focus was to smear our people morally, and unfortunately it achieved many successes in this field, but after the Taliban took over the country The manifestations of debauchery were removed and all kinds of moral corruption were fought. Currently, even one example of moral corruption common in the last 20 years is not visible or even noticeable in any part of the country.
2- Fight against administrative corruption
Among other common corruptions in the last 20 years was administrative corruption, and although nothing, even the most legal, was done without paying a bribe, it was from the highest to the lowest government responsibilities and positions, and only those They could become ministers, lawyers, presidents, managers, etc., spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can even be said with certainty that the main cause of the suicide and explosive operations was due to corruption in the security apparatus, otherwise, how was it possible for the truck full of explosives to easily pass through the security belts of the city, itself to the crowded areas and then creating terrible explosions, but now there is no news of this corruption and no one has the least courage to carry out their work easily by using administrative corruption.
3- Fighting cultural and media vulgarity
During the republic, both cultural and media spheres were involved in vulgarity, which was done against the beliefs, morals and native life of the people by covering various anti-cultural programs. In the field of media, you could not be busy watching vulgar movies and programs on some televisions with your wife and children, but now there is a strong fight against the vulgarity of these areas, and the Islamic Emirate's monitoring and commanding bodies they deal decisively.
On the other hand, in this new government, economic corruption, political corruption, security corruption, military corruption and all manifestations of corruption in all fields do not have an easy way of formation, growth and development. Although all the manifestations of the mentioned corruptions from the past have been dealt with and dismantled, the re-formation and unrestrained development has been prevented, so that today none of the manifestations of the mentioned corruptions are noticeable and natural. That the more the life of the Islamic Emirate passes, the better the situation will improve.
F; Fighting against hijab and bad hijab
The Islamic hijab is an important factor in the existence of modesty and modesty, and the enemy needs to promote modesty and immodesty in order to control an Islamic country. The important means of achieving these two approaches is removing the hijab or removing it. During the republican period, there was an organized struggle against the hijab. Now you don't see nakedness anywhere. Although there is no special uniform for hijab yet and people are free to choose the type of clothing, however, the appropriate clothing for men and women is tangible.
Other examples of this kind of decisive struggle have made the conditions for the interaction of the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan more than ever with the Islamic Emirate to be provided.
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