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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions; Reasons and consequences (4)

Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari/continuation of the previous Part...
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions; Reasons and consequences (4)
The third reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; Negation of war and emphasis on peace and stability through cultural activities
Regardless of any other reason, basically one of the important motivations for the establishment of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center has been the opposition to any kind of war and internal conflict, and of course if social understanding and political understanding increases through the improvement of the general culture of the society, which is the main mission Tebyan Center has been, is, and will be the same from the beginning of its establishment until now, which spans 31 years. People's peaceful coexistence, unification of the ranks of different national strata and work and effort to ensure global peace and stability, provide partial and general welfare and comfort and prepare the ground for strengthening the foundations of the Islamic government and the authority and greatness of the country.
In the current situation, Afghanistan needs to take this process more than ever before, so that at least after 43 years of conflict and war, part of which was internal or with the help of the country's citizens, the path of mutual dialogue and ensuring permanent peace and stability has been reached.
Today, there are great opportunities for Muslim fighters to fulfill their religious and human responsibility to the people and the land of Afghanistan more than at any other time in history, and to say no to tension, unrest and war, and knowing its internal and external factors. We are determined to deal with these factors, and for once, by ignoring the false waves of the West to weaken the various structures of Afghanistan and the continuation of the conditions of captivity and slavery of our people, a national process should be taken to make Afghanistan free, prosperous and powerful.
There have been 43 years of war and conflict in Afghanistan, and as far as it was against aggression and occupation, it was an Islamic duty, and it was for the benefit of the people and the country, and it also led to freedom and independence. , has been to the detriment of all sides and the most important consequence of it is that we have not been able to protect the achievements of fourteen years of Jihad on the one hand and on the other hand to benefit from its various and numerous benefits and at least taste the sweetness of freedom and independence and if this process to continue in a natural way is not in the interest of any individual, faction and internal front, but it provides the ways of intervention and domination of the evil intervening powers once again, and then we have to deal with the problems and dilemmas caused by Occupation or at least widespread dependence, we are facing, by giving countless physical and intellectual deaths, we live a miserable life.
Therefore, the only way out of the country's critical situation is the interaction and cooperation of the people with each other and with the existing government, and we encourage everyone to adopt this policy, and the Tebyan Center has also started from the beginning of the Taliban regaining power and creating a stage structure. The second period of emirate in Afghanistan and its control over the entire country has talked about interaction and chanting its slogan, through the deepening and expansion of intellectual, cultural and social activities, has practically stepped in this valley and with the power of God with all the strength of this path, In spite of the propaganda and sabotage of informed enemies and uninformed friends.
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