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Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions; Reasons and consequences (6)

Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari/Continuation of the previous part...
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions; Reasons and consequences (6)
The fifth reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; There is no better alternative than Emirate
Another reason that made Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities to take the path of interaction with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the lack of a better alternative structure.
If it was stated in the previous part that it is assumed that a person or people and currents have an interest and even a dogmatic determination to fight with the Islamic Emirate, but there is no possibility of a war occurring inside and supporting it in the region and the world, but in this part, I say; All the fields and factors of war exist, but war for what purpose and to replace which structure!
Certainly, every war has a subversive purpose and a current and a front fights against a front or a government in order to succeed in overthrowing it. Now let's assume that the Islamic Emirate was attacked, for which alternative and what other structure is in mind to be left to come to power in Afghanistan instead of the Islamic Emirate?!
I believe that there is no suitable and useful alternative to the Islamic Emirate, so that efforts and sacrifices will be made to overthrow it and establish an alternative structure, and hundreds and thousands of other people will be considered victims.
The front of resistance and lack of competence to be an alternative
It may be claimed, as it has been done so far, that the Kadai Resistance Front can be a suitable alternative to the Islamic Emirate, but I say that such a thing is not possible in any way, because the resistance claimants have two problems;
The first problem is weak management
The first and most important form of resistance claimants is weakness in management.
During the past 20 years, the claimants of the resistance each had high responsibilities and positions to fill their mouths in the Republic, a government that has more than 350,000 military forces, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles, dozens of planes, billions of dollars of money and tens and hundreds of other material facilities and was at his disposal and almost most of the countries of the world recognized it and while the NATO member countries supported that government, but with all this they could not maintain the geography under their management and adequately deal with Taliban that in twenty years In the past, all the material possessions were bread and tea and a Kalashnikov with a motorbike, but now that the Taliban have dominated the country and have all the material and spiritual facilities as well as massive human resource, and resistance front as immigrants in England, Turkey, Iran and some are living in Tajikistan but with empty hands and even their host countries are not interested in any kind of political efforts and mobility, let alone military, let's think that they have the stamina and ability to work and manage as an alternative to the Islamic Emirate?!
Therefore, the claimants of the resistance were the weakest elements in the management field, and it is a shame and even suicide for nothing in this world and the hereafter, which after enduring exhausting labors and sacrificing countless lives, once again gave them the reins of work and life of the people of Afghanistan.
The second problem; The transformation of the leaders claiming resistance
One of the conditions of the war against the Islamic Emirate is the creation of resistance nuclei inside the country. What if only chanting slogans from abroad will not get anything done, but to take such a process in Afghanistan requires the presence of those claiming to be the leader of the resistance. Because it is possible that small nuclei or large fronts with the command of intermediate forces can be organized in the corners of the country, but without the presence of the main leaders, it is not possible to continue the work, and the forces gradually get tired, surrender to the soldiers of the Islamic Emirate, or face military strikes.
The leaders of the resistance will not have the strength to be in the military trenches under any circumstances, even in the long term. In the past 20 years, on the one hand, the concentrated work of Westerners, especially Americans, have caused them to distance themselves from spirituality, struggle, and hard work, to money, armored cars, tall buildings, houses, the garden and finally prosperity and comfort with so much entertainment, think of foreign countries, at least in UAE and Turkey, and make themselves believe that there will be no more struggle and problems caused by it and the country will be at their disposal until the end and the West will support them. It is natural that such elements cannot stand with their middle commanders and soldiers on the battlefield empty-handed.
Therefore, fighting against the Islamic Emirate and weakening it in any possible way will provide the basis for the growth and strengthening of other terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, which will have the capacity and power to replace them in some ways.
Therefore, in order for the structure not to be accessible to incompetent and weak managers or terrorist groups, all forces from all regions and followers of all religions and all ethnic groups should remain with the Islamic Emirate and cooperate with it to work for a strong and powerful Afghanistan.
This is why the leadership and senior management staff of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center have come to the conclusion that the Islamic Emirate has no better alternative than itself and to prevent its weakening and the country's administrative structure falling into the hands of incompetent or terrorist elements, they tried with the Islamic Emirate to interact and create fields of cooperation and harmony so that we can all join hands and be determined to fight for the true divine struggle in the direction of a strong and proud Afghanistan.
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