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The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions, reasons and consequences (5)

Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari / Continued from the previous part...
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and our positions, reasons and consequences (5)
The fourth reason for the interaction of "Tebyan Center" with the Islamic Emirate; The impossibility of war in Afghanistan and its continuation
In the previous few episodes, with a reasoned and logical analysis, we stated three reasons for the interaction of the Tebyan center with the Islamic Emirate, but the fourth reason is the impossibility of any war and widespread insecurity and its continuation in Afghanistan, despite the enemy's wishes. First, the intelligence networks of the enemy and then their affiliated agents inside and outside, and then the limited elements and people who are unaware and of course ignorant and influenced by the contents produced by foreigners, have repeatedly sounded the bells of war with the Islamic Emirate, trying to They are making the atmosphere look gloomy, and in order to confuse the public's mind, they are trying to make the least propaganda actions by blackening the current situation and the structure and plans of the Islamic Emirate.
The opponents cite several criticisms and reasons to justify their extravagance and subversive goals;
1- The Taliban are bloodthirsty and have no upper hand in killing innocent people.
2- This group is affiliated with Pakistan, they have no independence and are not even allowed to drink water, and they are managed and led with the support of the intelligence organization of this country, and the widespread and brutal killings of their countrymen and opposition to the manifestations of civilization, etc., are also carried out under the guidance of Pakistanis. Takes.
3- The Taliban have been strict towards women, they have not only ignored and violated the rights of this group in various fields, but also violated them.
4- The government of the Islamic Emirate is exclusive and mono-ethnic, and there is no will to reform the structure and provide the basis for the participation of other classes from other religions, ethnicities and languages.
Therefore, the opponents of the Islamic Emirate believe that the only way to get rid of it is war and ultimately overthrow.
But there are two problems here;
First, the opponents do not have the authority to make such criticisms, especially around the issues raised, because;
If murderers and bloodthirsty are supposed to be bad and can be impeached and prosecuted, then every murderer and criminal of any spectrum and structure and from any historical period should be bad and can be prosecuted, not just the Taliban. What's more, there are many real and legal personalities in Afghanistan whose hands are involved in the blood of the countrymen and the destruction of the country's infrastructure.
In the past 4 decades in the country, 4 spectrums played an active role in the anti-occupation and internal wars, each of which killed not tens of thousands, but hundreds of thousands of our innocent countrymen.
1- Communists
The first group that is in the first line of the killers of the people of Afghanistan and in bringing it back were the communists affiliated with the former Soviet Union. A group that, according to objective evidence and historical documents, made more than one million people martyrs and veterans, and displaced millions of other people, and destroyed many geographical and economic infrastructures of the homeland, and even these mercenary and self-sold elements can be called He considered the first and major cause of the misfortunes of the past four decades.
2- Mujahideen
The second group involved in the civil wars are the Mujahideen, whose fighting movement was formed to defend the country, support religious and national values, and save the people from drowning in the decadent culture of atheism and atheism, and although this spectrum was formed during the fourteen-year Jihad They created for Afghanistan and its people and even the entire Muslims and humanity and caused the failure of communism in Afghanistan and the world, but unfortunately they seem to be caught in many and irreparable mistakes, including civil wars both during the Jihad period and in After the victory, it was remembered that hundreds of thousands of people were killed and the country was faced with terrible damage in many fields.
3- Terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda
From the names of these groups, it is clear that most of the killings and damage were done in their area, so that their performance has whitewashed Genghis Khan and his soldiers.
4- Technocrats from the West
The government of the past 20 years consisted of mercenary technocrats from America and the West, and under the cover of their leadership, more than 170 thousand people were physically massacred, and many political and economic structures have suffered irreparable damage from them.
Therefore, if there is going to be a trial, these four spectrums should be brought to the judge's table first, and be punished for their actions, otherwise, they have no authority to criticize the Taliban by raising the issue of murder, looting, and destruction. What's more, their own hands are stained with the blood of the poor and oppressed people of Afghanistan, and they are involved in the widespread destruction of Afghanistan in countless areas and have pushed Afghanistan backward, in a way that cannot be compensated for decades to come.
Regarding the second criticism, there is no qualification for the opponents of the Islamic Emirate, because firstly, there is no apparent sign of affiliation with the Taliban, and secondly, they themselves deny this accusation, and thirdly, the border conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan always shows the lack of affiliation. Assuming that such a thing is true, then the house of Taliban Abad, which is affiliated to an Islamic country, but woe to the opponents who were affiliated to 46 foreign countries for more than twenty years, and with their support, not only a useful work for the country and its people. They didn't do it, but they tolerated historical betrayals and violated their rights, and now their begging bowl is displayed sometimes in front of France and another opportunity in the presence of the Americans and on many occasions in front of the Turks and Iranians, etc., asking for help. And support is provided.
Regarding the criticism or the third reason, it should be said that first of all, the Islamic Emirate itself has said many times that their view of women and considering some rules and regulations such as hijab is based on Islamic jurisprudence and others such as stopping education from grade 6 and above. or ancestor The establishment of male and female classes in universities or the pairing of shrines and recreational spaces is due to the unpreparedness of the conditions and the environmental structure, which will definitely bring about a series of positive and significant changes as soon as it is ready.
And secondly, thanks to the Taliban, who have adopted a policy so that Afghan women and girls can live in complete health, at least in terms of modesty, chastity, etc., and the dignity and greatness of our women will be preserved, but the opposition in the form of a republican government will not do it. With the evil plans of the westerners, whether with their help in implementing these plans or with their silence and conservatism, they caused the destruction of our women from every aspect, especially from the moral and religious point of view, and certainly if this routine continued for another 10 years Nothing remains of the Afghan woman's Islamic identity.
In relation to criticism or the fourth reason, two points can be raised;
First, where was there a broad-based government during the republic?
Although demonstrative movements in appointing people from different ethnic groups were very limited and in unimportant, non-central, ineffective or mostly ineffective positions, or demonstrative elections were held under the title of democracy and freedom of expression, but On the one hand, only those who belong to a certain nation and are supported by America and its allies would win, and on the other hand, in these elections, money and all kinds of bribery played the main role, and every person and movement that had the most money available It seemed to be the winner of the field, and secondly, the Islamic Emirate has not rejected the formation of a broad-based government on the one hand, but has always said that it seeks to create a special mechanism to achieve this goal, but not as the share of some people and some party. And on the other hand, according to specific information from within the Islamic Emirate's governing body, the Taliban are strongly seeking to develop the country's management circle and to organize it with the presence of representatives of all Afghan nationalities.
Second problem is that basically the conditions for war against the Taliban are not provided.
First of all, the war must have an internal context and be fought with national determination and will, then the neighboring countries will welcome it, extend their support, and further, the world will also be interested in confirming and even providing all-round support, and if needed, such as Two decades ago, he acted in favor of the resistance fighters, to overthrow the country's sovereignty, and in its shadow, the resistance claimants tried to seize Kabul, but now these components and conditions are not at all visible or even noticeable.
Inside the country, there are no grounds for conflict and war with the Islamic Emirate
1- There is no spiritual and religious motivation at the level of the people in the direction of war and the beginning of another conflict.
2- From the political and security point of view, people do not consider war and conflict to be beneficial, but consider it to be purely harmful and damaging.
3- The economic situation of the people does not indicate the start of another war under any circumstances.
4- People's soul and spirit are greatly offended by the war, not only do they not show favor to it, but they strongly hate it, they avoid it in all situations.
5- There is no strong centrality, either individual or movement, to organize and lead the people and start another confrontation.
It is that we believe that it is not possible to pay attention to national capacities and interests to confront the Islamic Emirate and count on it.
The region's lack of interest in war and insecurity in Afghanistan
In the region, there is no interest in creating war and insecurity or supporting its perpetrators. In the past, especially during the first five years of the Taliban's rule, some countries in the region, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, were on the scene and were behind the resistance front, and both at the political and military levels, many works were done in favor of the Taliban opposition in Panjshir, Balkhab and Dara Suf did and even closed his eyes during the American invasion of Afghanistan and did not express any opposition to the air and ground attack of the NATO members led by the United States for the purpose of occupying Afghanistan until the Islamic Emirate fell and the Northern Coalition Front with the help of the United States to Kabul arrived and took over the government.
In this move, Iran was not alone, but Russia also support Ahmad Shah Massoud, and Tajikistan served as an active political, economic and military base of resistance.
But this time the case is completely different and not only the Islamic Republic of Iran has adopted the opposite approach in relation to the Taliban, but it has also stood by its governmental structure, on the one hand, it tries to guide it in the administrative fields, and on the other hand, against Terrorist groups and foreign organized attacks, especially from the Americans and its regional allies, are supported and supported, and indeed Iran is happy and not sad about the existence of a Western anti-authoritarian government, and although the views and conditions of cooperation and support Khudara raises them from time to time, but their determination is to support the Islamic Emirate, and China, Russia and India, although they do not recognize the Islamic Emirate, but recognize it as superior to a normal structure, they cooperate with the Taliban.
Therefore, the four mentioned countries are not only interested in the weakening of Afghanistan's sovereignty, but also hope to strengthen it, because Iran, Russia, China and India are among the newly emerging economic pillars of the East, and for a better fight and domination over the regional and world markets. And to successfully confront the destructive and weakening policies of the West against these countries, especially in this region, they need the security of their own region, of which Afghanistan is at the heart, so providing security in Afghanistan is in the interest of the four mentioned countries and therefore naturally Under no circumstances, not only from the war in Afghanistan and agents Internal and external will not support it, but will act against them.
The world's lack of acceptance of the war in Afghanistan
As in the past, the world has no desire for organized and extensive behavior to create war and support the factors that create and continue it.
Because the most important country in the world, which is America, and in the past by attacking Afghanistan, brought nothing but misfortune and misfortune to our people and our country, and was eventually expelled in a broken heart, it is not able to adopt the previous approach, and if it is able, the charms of the war in Ukraine And the tension between Taiwan and China and possibly the beginning of China's attack on Taiwan will prevent large-scale human, weaponry and economic investment around the issue of Afghanistan, but there is no doubt that politically and intelligence-wise, it will continue to interfere with Afghanistan's internal issues. There will be an atmosphere of darkness in Afghanistan to prevent the authority of the people, the government and the country of Afghanistan, but not to the extent that the opportunists, like in the past, are waiting to benefit from the benevolence of another power.
According to what was said; The possibility of a war in Afghanistan is close to zero or at least very weak, and if there is a possibility that the desperate efforts of warmongers have taken place in some parts of the country and will not continue, then the only way is to interact with the Islamic Emirate, and it is better that the others also Like the Tebyan center, they should take this path from research, research and choice, if they don't take it, the warmongers will have no choice but to pay attention and emphasize interaction with the Islamic Emirate or retreat and flee the country.
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