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Islamic Emirate and the need to pay attention to people
Sayed Ayob Hussaini/ All Afghan nationals have a role to play in building the country's future and should be given a platform to play their role. The Islamic Emirate should make changes and reforms in its governance method and its policies should meet the needs of the people and the country. The government should seek to plan strong national programs and use domestic capacities. There are many intelligent, expert and educated youths whose ideas and expertise can be used for the development and prosperity of the country.
After the US and NATO attacked Afghanistan in 2001 under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the reason why the people welcomed this action of the US was because of some wrong policies and single-mindedness of the Taliban in their previous government. During that period, the country did not grow at all, both the Taliban government was isolated and other ethnic groups were isolated. At the same time, the society should grow through communication and all ethnic groups should have relations with each other and develop the country by using the skills and expertise of all.
For example, the Hazara people are a thoughtful and literate people. Millennial have shown that nothing is impossible for them. With the efforts they have made in relation to looking to the future, they have gone towards learning and acquiring skills. The common people of Hazara can be considered as an example in unity and they can be a role model for other ethnic groups in the country. Therefore, the view of statesmen should be humane and Islamic.
The biggest mistake made by the world during the first period of the Islamic Emirate's rule was to cut ties with Afghanistan, and by the order and decision of some international and regional players, Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate system were isolated. On the other hand, other political actors, who today are known as fugitives, betrayed their own country and nation and deceived the international community to be only in power and receive their help. It is absolutely true that they were islands of power and each of them maintained their survival in their own areas and by using their own people and spending the blood of the youth and the entire nation and tribes.
After the victory of the Islamic Emirate, many politicians of the region and the world considered the Taliban as an undeniable fact. As it was said, they did not repeat their mistake in 1996 in 2021. They evaluated the interaction as useful, which was the best decision. But there is also a bigger fact, that other tribes and currents also helped the Islamic Emirate to win. The role of other ethnic groups should not be forgotten.
Mr. Amir Khan Muttaqi met with the people and elders of Kajran district of Daikundi Province, which is a Persian-speaking and Shia-populated region, he explained the Islamic system's desire for both Sunnis and Shias, he explained the efforts of the Islamic Emirate to establish order and security, and the Emirate He considered Islam as the supporter of all people of every color, language, religion and ethnicity. Kajran was one of the areas during the republic where the enemy spread negative propaganda and started a war between Afghans and killed the youths of both sides. The elders of this region say that from the distant past, the people of Kajran were partners and friends with the people of Baghran, Zardgolan, and Manara, they used to trade and entertain each other, and shared in each other's sorrows and joys, but during the Jihad period, some people among the people started They did mischief and turned the people of Kajran against each other and threw fire on people's heads.
During the occupation, it was the same currents and warlords who supported the corrupt government of the republic and tried to cut off the ties of friendship between Kajran and the people of Baghran, Manare, and Zardgolan, most of whom are Pashto-speaking and Sunni. The parties were always in the scene and remembered past friendships, became mediators and ended many wars.
The officials of the Islamic Emirate must make reforms and revise their policies, recognize the people's demands and understand the people and the youth in order to satisfy the people and survive their government. Now our people have become worldly and fully understand their rights. The people of Afghanistan, like other nations, have demands of this time. Values such as the democratic system, the right to individual choice, women's rights, biological freedom and freedom of expression are extremely important to them.
In the discussion of girls' schools and women's activities within the framework of national and Islamic values, our emphasis is on maintaining the frameworks, but not on hindering the activities and education of girls. Women are half of our society, women and girls of Afghanistan have extraordinary knowledge and talents that can create a huge transformation and their presence is an obligatory need.
On the other hand, it is completely wrong to think that many issues are internal and not related to the world outside of Afghanistan. The whole world has accepted the women's rights convention, including Afghanistan. It is not possible for the Islamic Emirate to say that we ourselves are seeking to draft a law. Of course, this position of the Islamic Emirate can be confirmed to some extent, because we need to be independent and control our behavior according to our own values or use the experience of others.
For example, in the Islamic Republic of Iran during the era of Mr. Khatami, they reduced the restrictions and under the pretext of women's rights and freedom, they handed the Islamic society of Iran into the hands of the enemies of Islam, which is difficult to control today. The Islamic country must be governed according to the laws of Islam and women and girls must observe the Islamic hijab; Because the woman is the head of the family, and it is the woman's responsibility to maintain the family and raise the children. A woman should be aware of Islamic affairs, not of immoral affairs. On the one hand, this behavior of the Islamic Emirate, We confirm the importance and protection of Afghan Muslim honor, but we recommend that this problem be resolved as soon as possible.
The world should also increase its interaction and cooperation, and it is in the interest of all the countries of the region and the world to try to establish stability in Afghanistan and have a powerful government. The relationship between the world and the region with the Islamic Emirate and Afghanistan should be good and they should have as much support as possible during the interaction. The officials of the Islamic Emirate should have relations with all countries within the framework of international laws and regulations and maintain this relationship.
Islamic laws and national values should not be violated. Foreign countries should understand that there is no possibility for traitors and fugitives to be included in the Islamic Emirate system. They should forget the formation of a comprehensive government with the aim of bringing to power the corrupt and warlike figures and currents of the past. Of course, for the future of the system and the country, all Afghan citizens have a role and must play their role. The Islamic Emirate should make changes and reforms in its way of governance. The policies of the government should meet the needs of the people and the country.
The inequalities and incompatibilities in the country are not in favor of the Islamic Emirate. The government should seek to plan strong national programs and use domestic capacities. We have intelligent, expert and educated youth who can be used for the development and prosperity of the country. The biggest concern of the nation today is employment and economy. One of the tasks of the contact group of the Islamic Emirate is to identify and invite experts to communicate in the real sense and to have a clear and long-term strategy in this field.
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