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Syria militants begin leaving Dara'a under surrender deal

In Syria, militants and their relatives have begun leaving the southern city of Dara'a, in the wake of a surrender deal with the government to evacuate the region.
Syria militants begin leaving Dara
AVA- Groups of militants got on around 15 buses in Dara’a on Sunday. They have handed over their heavy weapons.
It has been reported that the convoy is headed for the northwestern province of Idlib.
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said an estimated 1,400 people were expected to be evacuated in a single group on Sunday.
"Buses began moving from the gathering point towards the edge of the city to be searched," said Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the Britain-based group.
The surrender deal was mediated by Russia.
Now that Dara’a is under the Syrian government's control again, the much reported collaboration between anti-Damascus militants and the Zionis regime would effectively be disrupted. Tel Aviv has beefed up its military presence in the Golan Heights in recent days. The Zionist regime has also been providing weapons to anti-Damascus militants as well as medical treatment to Takfiri elements wounded in Syria.
Since June 19, the Syrian army has been conducting the liberation operation in Dara'a, which borders Jordan and the Zionist-occupied side of Syria’s Golan Heights.
In a bid to minimize civilian casualties, both Damascus and Moscow have been initiating talks with militants to make them hand back the areas they control to the government without fighting.
Dara'a was the birthplace of sedition that was born in March 2011 before morphing into a foreign-backed militancy that continues to this day.
Monday 16 July 2018 08:19
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