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Iran's Islamic Revolution supreme leader Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei: Negotiations with US ‘Blatant Mistake’, Talks with EU to Continue

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said that the United States is ‘untrustworthy’, stressing that negotiations with Washington are ‘blatant mistake’.
AVA- During a meeting with Iranian ambassadors and diplomats in Tehran Saturday, the Leader said that talks with the European partners in the nuclear deal should continue, but noted that the Islamic Republic should not count much on their package of proposals.
“I have long pointed out that it is not possible to count on the words and even the signatures of the Americans, so negotiations with the United States are of no avail,” Imam Khamenei said, according to Iranian media.
Washington’s opposition to Iran’s nuclear capabilities and role in the region is rooted in its hostility with “the elements of the authority of the Islamic system,” the Leader said.
His eminence said the Americans want to return to the position they were in Iran before the Islamic Revolution in 1979 when the former Shah was a key ally of the United States, adding “they will not be satisfied with anything less.”
It is a “blatant mistake” to believe that negotiating with the US would help Iran solve its problems, Imam Khamenei warned.
With the Europeans, talks should continue to guarantee Iran’s interests under the 2015 nuclear deal which the bloc wants to preserve despite Washington’s withdrawal in May.
“Negotiations with the Europeans should not be cut off, but we should not wait too long for a European package and instead, we should do a lot of work inside the country,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.
Saturday 21 July 2018 18:20
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