Publish dateThursday 13 September 2018 - 20:51
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Dostum wants responsible end to war with Taliban
First vice-president, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, on Thursday said the ongoing war in Afghanistan was not in no one’s interest and called for a responsible end to the conflict.
AVA- In his message read out on the occasion of Martyrs Week in Mazar-I-Sharif, capital of northern Balkh province, Dostum said the conflict with the Taliban should be ended responsibly.
The message read out by Azizullah Kargar, deputy head of Junbish-i-Islami party, asked the Taliban to arrive peace negotiations with the Afghans.
Dostum in his message said the current opportunity for peace should not be missed as the public’s hope for stability in Afghanistan had increased.
 “The international community, our good neighbors and all Afghans support peace and permanent ceasefire,” he said.
He also asked the Taliban to be responsible in ending the four decades of war and join the peace process for the protection of national interests. “Only Afghans have been suffering from the ongoing war in Afghanistan.”
The vice-president urged people to show their strong support to the peace process. People’s unity and movement for stability was the only way to get rid of the current problems, Dostum said.
Meanwhile, Atta Mohammad Noor, executive chief of Jamiat-Islami Afghanistan and former Balkh governor, also asked the masses to participate in efforts aimed at bringing peace to the country. He said foreigners never wanted to put the ongoing war in Afghanistan to an end.
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