Publish dateSaturday 24 November 2018 - 01:16
Story Code : 174595
Dostum faces travel ban
The government has issued overseas travel ban on the First Vice President General Dostum who was denied boarding an aircraft by the police on Friday. He was heading to Turkey for medical treatment.
AVA- Sputnik quoted sources close to Gen. Dostum as saying that he was not allowed on Friday to travel overseas and police confiscated his passport in the Kabul international airport and said that he was on a travel ban.
According to the source, General Dostum returned to his home after failing to know why the ban was issued on him.
He is said to be suffering from an illness and his health condition is critical.
First VP had lived in Turkey for months but returned to Afghanistan after Qaisari, his commander in the north, was arrested and protests followed.
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