Publish dateMonday 26 November 2018 - 01:04
Story Code : 174742
The head of Tebyan center called for the immediate release of commander Alipoor
The head of Tebyan Social and Cultural Activities Center in a statement called for the immediate release of the commander, Alipour. He added any killing and destruction of public facilities carried out by abusers would be left to those who, in this sensitive and fragile situation, have arrested Alipour.
AVA- Hosseini Mazari added: The government knows well that the arrest of Alipour, due to its wide popular presence, has damaged the feelings of hundreds of thousands of people, rushed down into the streets, rallies, and supporters of this brave commander are ready to die; but can’t see him in jail.
Naturally, this process has led to more serious disadvantages in the country, it prepares the situation more than ever so that terrorist groups in addition to advancement in many other areas, will be encouraged by arbitrary and unlawful Privilege from the government and international circles.
He also stressed that "Everybody's duty including scholars, political parties, cultural and educational institutions and elders have to take immediate action to ensure the proper management of the people's movements and to speak with the individuals and institutions of the government to release Mr. Alipour."
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