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PM Imran Khan’s Afghan interim government statement backfires

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement of an interim setup in Afghanistan had been misinterpreted and taken out of context by various sectors.
PM Imran Khan’s Afghan interim government statement backfires
AVA- Afghanistan on Tuesday responded to the misinterpreted comments of the Pakistani Prime Minister by calling it out as ‘irresponsible’.
Sibghatullah Ahmadi, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan in a series of tweets claimed that the suggestion made my PM Imran Khan of an interim government were ‘reckless’, ‘an obvious example of Pakistan’s interventional policy’ and ‘disrespect to the national sovereignty’ of Afghanistan.
Khan speaking to journalists on Monday had actually meant that introducing an interim government in Afghanistan would smooth and aid the peace talks between the Taliban and the US, not how it had been depicted.
He further added the efforts of sincere reconciliation and peace should not be undermined by misinterpretations. Afghani citizens have every right to live in harmony after the trauma of decades of war.
There is no other goal than to promote peace and harmony throughout Afghanistan which would be led by Afghan leadership, Imran Khan said.
This is the third time that Pakistan has passed statements regarding Afghanistan peace talks.
Wednesday 27 March 2019 22:32
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