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At Least 50 Taliban Killed in Nangarhar, Shirzad District

 The military officials of Nangarhar province reported from killing of at least 50 Taliban insurgents in clearing operation in Shirzad district, of that province.
At Least 50 Taliban Killed in Nangarhar, Shirzad District
AVA- In the operation, 36 other insurgents have been injured.
The operation was launched aimed to more security of people with attendance of hundreds of militaries in the mentioned district since a week.
According to senior commander of ANA in east of the country, at least 50 armed Taliban were killed and 36 others have been injured in the operation.
The insurgents were suppressed on their strongholds in parts of Shirzad district by air and ground raids.
According to reports, so far, several hideouts of Taliban with all war equipment have been demolished.
The operation continues there till annihilation of insurgents from the mentioned district, said the officials.
Thursday 18 April 2019 23:23
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