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Afghan forces overrun Taliban stronghold in northern province

Afghan security forces in operations against Taliban fighters launched a major offensive in Gul Tipa district of the northern Kunduz province Thursday morning, overrunning main bastion of the armed group, army spokesman in the restive province Ghulam Hazrat Karimi said.
Afghan forces overrun Taliban stronghold in northern province
AVA- The government forces recaptured Zar Kharid, Bagh-e-Shirkat and Chalchinar villages forcing the militants to flee, according to Karimi.
Gul Tipa district, located 15 km northwest of Kunduz city, the capital of Kunduz province, has been regarded as Taliban hotbed in the beleaguered province.
"Taliban rebels have fled away without resistance and our security forces are advancing to recapture more areas in Gul Tipa to restore law and order there," Karimi said.
Taliban outfit have not commented on the situation in Gul Tipa district.
It launched its so-called annual spring offensive on April 12 and conducted major offensive over the weekend to capture Kunduz city.
According to Karimi, Taliban's attempt to overrun Kunduz city has been foiled and the militants have retreated to their hideouts in far-flanged areas in the mountains after suffering defeat and losing more than 40 fighters.
Meanwhile, the government forces in crackdown against militants have killed 17 armed insurgents in the eastern Ghazni province since Wednesday, provincial government spokesman Aref Nuri said.
Militancy and counter-militancy have gained momentum since April 12 when the Taliban outfit launched its annual offensive in the conflict-plagued Afghanistan.
Thursday 18 April 2019 23:41
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