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Govt Plotted Suicide Drama Against Us: Protesting Candidates

Security forces on Wednesday night removed a set-in camp established by a number of protesting candidates of the October 20 parliamentary elections following reports that a suicide bomber was approaching to hit their tent.
Govt Plotted Suicide Drama Against Us: Protesting Candidates
The protesting candidates started their sit-in camp three months ago after the Independent Election Commission (IEC) dropped their names from the final list of the winners. The candidates claimed that they had sufficient pieces of evidence that the elections had been marred by large scale corruption in their constituencies. 
"Police warned us that a suicide bomber was approaching us," said the candidates, adding that the police swiftly removed the sit-in camp. 
“I think the security forces fired into the air, an old man was sent as the suicide bomber, took out his vest, but his vest did not explode. We were then dispersed. The government itself committed this act,” said Farzana Farahmand, a protesting candidate. 
“The national security council pledged that they will address our problem, the president signed off for Kandahar, but they sent us a suicide bomber,” said Dewa Niazi, a protesting candidate. 
This comes after on Tuesday these candidates went on hunger strike as a last option to pressure President Ghani’s office to address their complaints regarding last year’s parliamentary elections which were surrounded by widespread fraud and corruption allegations. 
Candidates submitted a number of documents and evidence about alleged fraud in the parliamentary elections to relevant institutions but they said that they have heard nothing in response. 
Source : Tolo News
Thursday 4 July 2019 18:54
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