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Afghanistan Protests Summoning of Envoy by Pakistan

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Monday protested the summoning of the Afghan chargé d’affaires by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry over reports of “harassment” made by Pakistani diplomats in Kabul.
Afghanistan Protests Summoning of Envoy by Pakistan

On Sunday, Pakistan said that officers and staff from its embassy had been harassed in their vehicles in Kabul over the past two days, being blocked-in, and hit by motorcycles while driving. 
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry summoned the Afghan chargé d’affaires in order to convey serious concerns over the safety and security of the diplomatic personnel of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul and its sub-missions.
The Afghan Foreign Ministry responded in a statement that it will address Pakistan’s concerns.
On Saturday, Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul stated that its consular section will be closed from November 4 until further notice, due to security reasons.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 5 November 2019 13:02
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