Publish dateSunday 9 February 2020 - 00:57
Story Code : 203070
Imam Khamenei Urges Reliance on Internal Capacities: Iran Should Get Strong to Avert War
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei stressed on Saturday that the Islamic Republic should get strong in order to avert war and end enemies’ threats.
In a meeting with group of Air Defense commanders and personnel, Imam Khamenei sassured that Iran doesn’t pose any threat to any country but rather seeks to defend its security and prevent threats.
Being weak will encourage the enemy to take action against Iran, the Leader warned, adding, “In order for a war not to break out and for threats to finish, one must get strong.”
In this context, the Leader urges the Iranian nation to turn the threat of US sanctions against the Islamic Republic into chance, saying it is the time now to stop Tehran’s reliance on oil income.
Vigilant performance of the Iranian officials would turn threats into opportunities, he said as quoted by Tasnim news agency, adding that sanctions could “end the country’s dependence on oil incomes and help settle many problems.”
“It is possible to provide ample opportunities for the country in spite of the sanctions, (whose imposition is) a criminal action.”
The key to success is turning threats into opportunities and relying on the internal capacities, the Leader underlined.
Khamenei called on the Iranian Armed Forces to strengthen their defense capabilities in various dimensions and make the most of the country’s domestic capacities and talents.
“While the previous US presidents were pursuing this regime’s evil approaches under certain guises, today the American acts of diversion, warmongering, sedition-making and greed for the assets of others have become overt and undisguised, and this wrong path of the enemies of the Iranian nation is definitely doomed to defeat.”
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