Publish dateThursday 12 March 2020 - 13:08
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Gen Dostum says the ‘fight is not over’ as he congratulates Abdullah for the victory
The leader of Junbish-e Millie Party General Abdul Rashid Dostum congratulated Abdullah Abdullah for his victory in presidential race and forming an inclusive government.
In a statement posted online, Gen. Dostum said the Stability and Partnership team led by Abdullah established an inclusive government despite facing betrayals from majority of the members of election commission, widespread systematic fraud and interference in the election process.
Gen. Dostum called Abdullah’s victory in the election as historic, however, he emphasized that the fight is not over as he called on his supporters to remain determined and continue to their fight with resolve.
He emphasized that the fight will continue until the final objective is achieved to rescue the country from the risk of division and to end the war, injustice, monopoly of power, instability, discrimination, terrorism, extremism, poverty and misery.
Tensions remain high on political level following the controversial announcement of final election by Independent Election Commission last month.
The Independent Election Commission announced incumbent Ashraf Ghani as the winner of the controversial presidential elections. However, Abdullah rejected the results emphasizing that he had won the presidential race and that he would form a parallel government.
Abdullah announced the formation of an inclusive government after holding a parallel oath taking ceremony in Kabul on Monday.
He also issued a statement late on Wednesday stating that Ghani is no more the President of Afghanistan and his decrees will no more have credibility.
The statement further added that the term of the Government of National Unity formally ended with the formation of the inclusive government and that the new Chief Executive would be formally introduced in the near future.
This comes as Ghani had issued a decree earlier which stated that the government has dissolved the Office of the Chief Executive and none of the letters issued by the Office of the Chief Executive would have an executive status.
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