Publish dateTuesday 17 March 2020 - 12:49
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U.S. envoy welcomes Taliban’s statement on ISIS
The U.S. envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad welcomed the statement by Afghan Taliban in which the group denounced the ISIS terrorist group and vowed to stop any attempts by the terror group to recruit, fundraise or train inside Afghanistan.
“I welcome the Taliban’s statement denouncing Daesh & committing to stop any attempts by Daesh to “recruit, fundraise, or train” inside #Afghanistan. These mirror Taliban’s public commitments (in our agreement) against Al Qaeda & all other groups that threaten the US or its allies,” Ambassador Khalilzad said in a Twitter post.
He also added “We expect the Taliban to deliver on their commitment. The fulfillment of our commitments within the agreement will depend on the Taliban delivering on their commitments. The Taliban statement on Deash and their recent operations against terrorists in Kunar are positive steps.”
The U.S. and Taliban signed a peace deal late last month after almost 18 months of negotiations in Qatari capital of Doha.
Counter-terrorism assurances, intra-Afghan talks, ceasefire and troop withdrawal were among the key topics the sides held in-depth discussions before signing the peace deal.
Meanwhile, there are concerns that the ongoing violence in certain parts of the country could derail the peace process as the Taliban militants sporadically continue to their attacks in remote parts of the country.
The State Department last week confirmed that the Taliban group has taken steps to stop attacks against the coalition forces and in the cities but the group is still killing too many Afghans in the countryside.
Morgan Ortagus, a State Department spokesperson said the current high level of violence by the Taliban is unacceptable.
“We acknowledge the Taliban have taken steps to stop attacks against the Coalition and in cities,” Ortagus said in a statement, adding that “But they are killing too many Afghans in the countryside.”
She also added “This must change. Violence at these levels risks drawing both sides into a vicious cycle, serves no one, and undermines peace.”
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