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Russia to possibly produce anti-COVID19 drug

The Russian Federal Biomedical Agency claims it has found an effective treatment for coronavirus patients based on an antimalarial drug called Mefloquine.
Russia to possibly produce anti-COVID19 drug
On Saturday, Russia announced that it has created a drug, based on the antimalarial ‘Mefloquine’, to treat coronavirus patients.
The agency said in a statement, “The drug prevents virus replication in cells and as a result stops the inflammatory process caused by the virus.”
The RFBA Head Veronika Skvortsova said, “Mefloquine has to be combined with antibiotics for the maximum effect, allowing an increase in the concentration of antiviral agents in blood plasma and lungs.”
She added that the drug would ensure the effective treatment of patients with various degrees of coronavirus infection.
Sunday 29 March 2020 16:42
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