Publish dateThursday 16 April 2020 - 08:38
Story Code : 207883
80% imported electricity to Afghanistan likely to stop
If the government doesn’t help Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat financially, the import of 80% of electricity to Afghanistan will stop.
Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) says that the governmental offices owe more than seven billion AFN of the electricity bills.
DABS suggested to take 50 million USD loan from the government.
Breshna says that some of the governmental offices owe 7.9 billion AFN out of which, the Ministries of Defense and Interior Affairs owe 3.2 million AFN.
DABS said that they have shared its problem with the government, and if these problems are not addressed, 80% of the imported electricity will be cut.
This comes as the Ministry of Finance confirms that some governmental offices have not paid electricity bills, and that it will transfer the money to DABS from the budgets of these ministries at the end of fiscal year.
The MOF Spokesperson added that the liability problem of these ministries is shared with the office of CSTC-A.
Experts of economy believe that the ministry of finance should solve the financial problem of DABS, otherwise the whole country will be in trouble.
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