Publish dateSaturday 2 July 2022 - 11:42
Story Code : 255107
Zionist missile attack on Syria
The south of Tartus province of Syria was targeted by several rockets of the Zionist regime.
Afghan Voice News Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: At around 6:30 this morning, the Zionist regime violated the Syrian air embargo with several rockets from the Mediterranean Sea west of Tripoli and targeted several chicken farms in the outskirts of Hamidiyeh town in the south of Tartus.
Accordingly, in this attack, 2 civilians, including a woman, were injured and material damages were caused.
On Friday last week, the Zionist regime launched a missile attack on some parts of the south of Damascus city, which was met with the countermeasures of the country's air defense with the missiles fired.
On Thursday, the deputy representative of Russia in the United Nations said that the Western countries prevented the release of this country's statement condemning the Zionist attacks on Syria in the Security Council, and said that the West still supports terrorists in Syria.
These aerial attacks by the Zionist regime are at a time when the Syrian government has repeatedly sent a letter to the United Nations condemning these attacks and asking them to stop.
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