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Afghan Assets Need to be Released
In order to fight the humanitarian crisis as the economic crisis surge in the country, we needs premature measure plans, said the World Bank.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, The World Bank reported on Tuesday that seven countries in the world, including Afghanistan, are facing food and debt crises, and the only solution to this problem is to import food to these countries.

According to a new analysis by the World Bank, seven countries are most at risk of experiencing simultaneous food and debt crises. Afghanistan tops the list, followed by Eritrea, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, and Yemen.

The report said that Afghanistan’s natural incidents such as drought have damaged this country and reduced wheat production.

The World Bank emphasizes that increasing emergency aid to these countries is one of the possible solutions.
There is no doubt that the droughts have caused many economic difficulties for the people of Afghanistan, but it is not the only drought that has increased poverty in Afghanistan and made this country the poorest country in the world.

One of the problems that have brought Afghanistan into a crisis caused by poverty and lack of food is sanctions and adventurous programs.

“The food crisis in Afghanistan is caused by the freezing of Afghanistan’s assets by the United States”, is debatable. Countries and international organizations, including the United States and the World Bank, Freezing the foreign currency assets of Afghanistan has fueled the spread of the poverty crisis in Afghanistan and this is part of the political programs, said the Economy Ministry in a statement.

The World Bank has considered sending food to these countries as the only solution to the problem of countries that are facing food shortages.

From the point of view of the Afghan people, this solution can only be a solution to the problem for a short period of time, while the problems of the Afghan people It is complex and diverse in dimensions, including the political vision of providing humanitarian aid to the Afghan people, imposing sanctions against the existing system, and freezing the assets of Afghanistan by the US and the World Bank.

It is better for the World Bank to take action instead of giving orders and prescriptions, and in the first step, releasing those assets or the financial trust of the Afghan people, which it has with it, by doing, will take a big part in reducing the problems of the Afghan people.

Importing food to Afghanistan for the short term is a good solution, but it is temporary and cannot solve the problems in a fundamental way. It is better that the international community, to solve the crisis in Afghanistan, implement the strategic plan of the government of this country, which was proposed by the Ministry.

The economy is defined to cooperate with four components, which include strengthening Afghanistan’s infrastructure, mechanizing agriculture, and expanding trade, and transit.

These four components can gradually bring Afghanistan closer to economic self-sufficiency and at the same time reduce the burden on Afghanistan from the shoulders of the international community.

It should be said that the problem of poverty and lack of food in Afghanistan did not appear suddenly, it has spread and expanded in a systematic way.

It is better for international institutions to address other factors of these problems in addition to drought. It is not enough to prepare a report alone.

This conversation can be repeated that serious and urgent measures should be taken according to the current conditions of Afghanistan, the conditions require that the aid should be without political concerns and the frozen assets of Afghanistan should be released.
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