Publish dateMonday 3 October 2022 - 11:30
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Italian newspaper La Repubblica: NATO has warned all its member states about the possible launch of the Russian Poseidon submarine missile.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Italian newspaper La Repubblica has reported that NATO has informed and warned the key countries of the alliance about the movements of the Russian Belgorod submarine and the possible test of the Poseidon super-torpedo, the Poseidon nuclear submarine missile.
The newspaper warns that the Poseidon torpedo is equipped with a nuclear warhead that could cause a "radioactive tsunami". Experts compare the impact of its launch to the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.
This newspaper writes; Poseidon can be equipped with a 2 megaton warhead, which is enough to destroy a city but it also raises the question why Russia prefers to attack an American city with an unmanned surface-to-surface missile? While the intercontinental ballistic missile can make this transition in thirty minutes.
Russia itself says the Poseidon is a retaliatory weapon that would retaliate against a US first strike, even though US missile defenses could stop hundreds of Russian ICBMs.
But the more interesting thing is that Poseidon can be used against American aircraft carriers. Stopping a very fast, nuclear-armed unmanned submarine is very difficult for US anti-submarine defense.
In a March 2018 speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin described this new weapon and described the power and speed of Poseidon's deep movement, saying that Poseidon is truly extraordinary with a speed several times faster than the speed of submarines, advanced torpedoes and all kinds of surface ships, including some of the fastest ones. Is. They are quiet and controllable. There is no weapon in the world that can resist them.
Putin added: Poseidon nuclear power is unique due to its small size and offers an amazing power-to-weight ratio. This unit is a hundred times smaller than the units that power modern submarines, but is more powerful and can switch to combat mode, meaning it reaches maximum capacity 200 times faster.
La Repubblica writes in its report that, meanwhile, US satellites with infrared sensors to detect Russian missiles on Poseidon are ineffective: "The cloud torpedo emits very little heat and moves silently at speeds of more than 100 km/h is designed.
Western intelligence is sure that Belgorod has not gone beyond the White Sea and is testing in this area.
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