Publish dateMonday 3 October 2022 - 16:40
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The end of the ceasefire in Yemen; Sanaa: Oil companies should leave the UAE and Saudi Arabia
Following the end of the two-month ceasefire in Yemen and the failure of negotiations to extend it, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces warned all oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia in a Twitter message to leave these countries.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Yahya Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, warned all oil companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to leave these countries quickly in a message on Twitter on Sunday evening (October 2).
Yahya Saree wrote in his Twitter message: "Yemen's armed forces give the oil companies operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia the opportunity to adjust their situation and leave these countries (and this warning) until the American aggressor countries - The Saudis do not adhere to a ceasefire that does not give the Yemeni nation the right to use its oil wealth to pay the salaries of Yemeni government employees.
The two-month ceasefire in Yemen began on the 13th of Hamal this year (1401); But it was on the 12th of Gemini that the UN envoy announced that the conflicting parties in Yemen agreed to the same terms as before the main agreement, that the ceasefire was extended for another two months and then again until October 2 (10 months).
During this period, the government of Sana'a has agreed to a ceasefire due to the reduction of the sufferings of the Yemeni people, and the Saudi coalition continues to blockade Yemen and violates the ceasefire daily with its attacks.
On the other hand, Hans Gruenberg, the UN special envoy for Yemen affairs, announced the failure of negotiations to extend the ceasefire in this country.
Al-Mayadeen news channel reported, quoting Gruenberg, that "we are sorry for not reaching an agreement on the extension of the ceasefire today."
He also said: We will continue to negotiate with all parties to reach an agreement quickly.
This UN official announced that on October 1, he made a proposal to the negotiating parties for a six-month extension of the ceasefire and added other items to the provisions of the ceasefire.
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