Publish dateFriday 3 February 2023 - 16:47
Story Code : 264855
Belgium has no plans to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine
Following the increase in tensions in the West regarding the sending of heavy weapons to Ukraine, Belgium also refused to send F-16 fighter jets to Kiev after the United States.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Belgian Defense Minister Lodwin Dudender said in an interview with RTBF on Wednesday night: Our F-16 fighters are protecting our land and the Benelux region, and in air defense missions and ensuring security. The Baltic States participate.
He added: Belgium is not investigating this issue at the moment.
Brussels will deliver its largest military aid package to Ukraine, with a total cost of 92 million euros, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said at a press conference on Friday.
This aid package includes anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank weapons, grenades, machine guns, rifles and ammunition, as well as light armored vehicles.
De Crowe said: "Since the beginning of this war, many efforts have been made to support Ukraine, and in total, Brussels has provided 146 million euros in military aid to Kiev, and today it was decided that a new package of defense aid to Ukraine in the amount of 92 million euros will be given to This country should be sent.
Belgium plans to transfer some of these weapons from its stockpiles and will purchase the rest from the manufacturers for direct shipment to Ukraine. In addition, the Belgian Ministry of Defense will provide fuel and training for the Ukrainian military.
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