Publish dateSaturday 4 February 2023 - 10:56
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The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock says: Mujahideen liberated our land from the invaders yesterday, and it is necessary to free the traders of this land from poverty and hunger today.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Balkh: Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Minister Maulavi Attaullah Omari, during his visit to Mazar-e-Sharif yesterday, Friday (February 3) at the opening ceremony of the slaughterhouse in Balkh province, said: According to the order of Almighty God, the residents of Afghanistan are all responsible for the state of the country and Every Afghan person should make an honest effort to fulfill his obligation, and this order of God includes government officials, businessmen and different sections of the society; All of us are accountable to Allah (SWT).
He continued: Government officials are responsible for their assigned duties and should serve the people well. The people of Afghanistan have gone through four decades of war and destruction and are faced with many problems. Therefore, it requires that we all join hands and act to solve the problems.
He added that Afghanistan is an agricultural land and is ready for livestock and about 70% of the population of our country is engaged in agriculture and livestock, there is a great capacity for agriculture and livestock in our land, because we have vast lands with fresh water.
The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock stated that Afghanistan has water, air and lands suitable for agriculture, and the best fruits and legumes in the world are produced in different parts of the country.
Maulavi Omari spoke about the failure of the Soviet and American occupation in Afghanistan and said that the only way to get rid of poverty, scarcity, sanctions and threats to agriculture and livestock in the country, and we must be aware of this issue so that wheat can be produced at home.
He added that the people of Afghanistan are not self-sufficient in wheat production and we import the wheat we need from foreign countries, that is why the problems of the people are increasing day by day and the expansion and development of agriculture will reduce the problems of the country, let the people of Afghanistan know. That the time of moaning, shouting and asking for help from this and that is over and we must act on our own in the area of self-sufficiency and solving problems.
He stated that there are hundreds of thousands of acres of land ready for agriculture in the country, dear businessmen should make the necessary determination and invest in the development of agriculture so that their money can be invested in their own homes and some of our compatriots will work and we provide them with the amount of land they want.
The Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock said that Mujahideen freed our land from the invaders yesterday and it is necessary to free the traders of this land from poverty and hunger today.
He added that the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock pays special attention in the fields of plant protection and animal health. So that people are safe from nutritional diseases, that's why today we are witnessing the opening of a public slaughterhouse in Balkh province, and this standard slaughterhouse reduces the spread of animal diseases among people, because here animals are examined before being slaughtered.
He stated that according to the statistics of Balkh Department of Public Health, 80 butchers died due to animal diseases in the province in the past year, and the number of these deaths was definitely higher among the citizens, respectable butchers should not worry, because this slaughterhouse makes their work easy. And it will do with ease.
At the same time, the officials of the slaughterhouse of Balkh province say that the capacity of this slaughterhouse is 3500 animals at a time, and employment is provided for hundreds of people, and the total cost of this slaughterhouse is 6 million dollars, which the international community has paid for.
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