Publish dateSunday 30 April 2023 - 14:51
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Iranian rial should be used in trade with Afghanistan and Iraq
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran says that his government is trying to cut the "navel of the economy" of this country from the US dollar by using the Iranian rial in trade with some countries.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Sayed Ibrahim Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, emphasized yesterday at the meeting of economic activists of Iran's Khuzestan Province that with the aim of changing the currency exchange and "cutting the umbilical cord of Iran's economy from the dollar" the decision to use It is taken from Iranian Rial in commercial transactions.
He added: "For example, in commercial transactions with Iraq, Afghanistan and other regional countries, Iranian rials can be used instead of US dollars, which on the one hand cuts the umbilical cord of Iran's economy from the dollar and on the other hand strengthens the value becomes the national currency of Iran".
The Islamic Republic of Iran takes this decision while, according to economic experts, the era of dominance of the US dollar on world trade is coming to an end, and some eastern countries are trying to free Asia from dependence on the Chinese yuan by replacing the Chinese yuan in transactions. Save the United States of America.
According to some reports, Chinese President Xi Jinping has reached an agreement with Putin during his recent trip to Russia, so that after these eastern countries, they will do their transactions with the Chinese Yuan as a substitute for the US dollar.
It should be mentioned that the American dollar has taken all business transactions hostage and has had a profound impact on the political situation of the world.
America squeezes its global competitors by fluctuating exchange rates, reducing the value of their national currency and causing inflation, which can be mentioned as an example of the devaluation of the national currency of Iran, Turkey and a number of other countries.
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