Publish dateWednesday 24 May 2023 - 13:31
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Putin: Russia is going through a difficult time; National pride was strengthened
In a speech, the Russian president called for his country to be more self-sufficient, implying that Russia's national pride had been strengthened, referring to tensions between the West and Moscow.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the current situation of his country regarding the war in Ukraine and severe tensions with Western countries during an awards ceremony in Moscow.
The President of Russia addressed the attendees of the ceremony in Moscow and the Russian people: "Yes, Russia is going through a difficult time now; Nothing has ever been easy, but we are witnessing a common moment of solidarity, national pride has been strengthened and we are trying at all costs to strengthen the foundations of our spirituality, (better) conditions in the economy, To create the production and education of our youth to ensure the unconditional future of our country.
According to Russian state news agencies such as TASS news agency, in this speech, Vladimir Putin hinted at the actions of the United States and Western countries in applying the most severe sanctions under the pretext of the war in Ukraine, and called for more "self-sufficiency" of Russia.
"We have become much more self-sufficient," the Russian president said. Without self-sufficiency, there is no sovereignty, and self-sufficiency is achieved in all fields; In art, science, industry and of course in the army.
Vladimir Putin's request to the government officials and the people of Russia for more self-sufficiency in all fields is raised in a situation where the hostilities of Western countries with Russia have intensified under the pretext of the Ukraine war and have covered various economic, political, military and intelligence fields.
The emphasis of the President of Russia on strengthening the national pride of this country has been brought up while recently "Bruno Kall", the head of the German Intelligence Organization, has admitted that no weakness has been observed in the rule of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the conflicts in the society of this country do not pose a threat to his government.
  In a speech, the head of the German Intelligence Organization, Bruno Kall, also confirmed that Russia has the necessary forces and military equipment for the war in Ukraine.
Almost simultaneously with the words of the Russian President on Tuesday (yesterday) during a ceremony in Moscow, the Prime Minister of this country "Mikhail Mishustin" is present in this Asian country for an official trip and meeting with Chinese officials.
During his visit to Shanghai, Mishustin called China "Russia's great friend" and announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the government to strengthen relations between Moscow and Beijing and other friendly countries.
"We will continue to build relations with friendly countries," said the Russian Prime Minister during his visit to China. This is one of the six key missions that Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated for this year."
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