Publish dateFriday 30 September 2022 - 12:30
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Putin: The West puts pressure on countries that want to be independent
Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the Westerners will not spare any tactics and put pressure on the countries that choose an independent path for development.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday (September 29) that the West is putting pressure on countries that are trying to determine their destiny and future.
The President of Russia said in a meeting with the intelligence chiefs of the member countries of the "Commonwealth of Independent States" organization: "Westerners are always creating problems and crises".
Putin added: "The Westerners are not giving up any tactic and are putting pressure on the countries that choose an independent path for development."
He went on to say: "If a country wants to try to determine its destiny and future, it will face pressure from the West."
The Russian president warned: "The West is trying to create scenarios to create instability in the sphere of the Commonwealth of Independent States."
"Our enemies and rivals seek to achieve their goals by creating conflicts and wars in different parts of the world," Putin said. We seek to increase solidarity among countries.
Referring to the necessity of intensifying and strengthening the exchange of information between the member states, he said: "Our enemies are seeking to create revolutions in our countries."
The Russian president noted: "As we witness the collapse of the unipolar world, our countries face increasing challenges. However, a more just world is taking shape before our eyes.
Putin warned: "Terrorists based in Afghanistan may carry out criminal plans on the borders of member countries of this organization."
He also said: "The current war with Ukraine is one of the consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union."
In addition to Russia, a number of former Soviet countries, including the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Moldova, are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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