Publish dateThursday 21 September 2023 - 13:54
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No money should be paid for the registration of foreign students to public schools
Iran's Minister of Education, Rezamarad Sahrai, said about the request of school administrators from foreign students to pay public school tuition: In public schools, no money should be paid for registration.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Mr. Sahraei said that we have a duty to enroll all foreign students who have valid residency documents in schools.
According to the Khabar news network, Mr. Sahraei said that we have a duty to register all the children of nationals according to the order of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution.
The main problem of receiving fertilizer from the system is that they have to go and do the work according to the law, even if one person stays, I am obliged to accommodate him.
When we have a law that no money should be collected in public schools, the media is one of our important tools to enforce the law and help.
The textbook is sufficiently printed. In the issue of book distribution, there are some considerations, such as the fact that foreign students must get a unique code from the Immigration Organization system in order to distribute books for them. The important thing is that the book is printed in the size of the students.
While the Minister of Education of Iran is saying these words, Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Kerman and other provinces have set tuition fees from 500,000 tomans to 1.2 million tomans in a circular for foreign students. National students also requested up to 5, 7, and 10 million tomans.
Earlier, Dr. Ali Hamedi, the head of the Nationals Department of the International Affairs Center of the Ministry of Education of Iran, said in an interview with AVA reporter: The amounts announced and received are a decision made by the general directors of education of the provinces. It is the same for the students of Afghan and Iranian nationals and it is done as public assistance to the school, which will remain in the school account and will be used to help improve educational conditions.
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