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Educational deputy of the Ministry of Higher Education:

There is no obstacle in the advancement of science in the country

There is no obstacle in the advancement of science in the country
Lotfullah Khairkhah, Educational Deputy of the Ministry of Higher Education, says that there is no obstacle in the field of science development in the country, and no one is trying to create it.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Lotfullah Khairkhah, educational Deputy of the Ministry of Higher Education, said yesterday (September 24) in a meeting that was held for the purpose of developing the "curriculum" of practical and comparative education in Kabul, said that now in the progress department There is no obstacle to science in the country and no one is trying to create it.
Mr. Khairkhah further said that in the field of supplying and equipping the laboratories of the country's educational institutions, there is sufficient budget and strong will, and considering the planning of the Ministry of Higher Education, all our universities will have equipped laboratories in the next five years.
He said that despite a long history, our universities have not come out of the theoretical state, which has made them face many problems.
According to the aforementioned, our educational centers should pull themselves out of this situation and take steps in the practical and adaptive field to meet the needs of our society.
At the same time, Hafiz Mohammad Hamed Haseeb, Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Higher Education, called the arrangement of the aforementioned cluster a very valuable step in the direction of strengthening the country's educational system and said that the results of this cluster are valuable for the future generations and the country's education system.
He assured the professors and representatives of the relevant departments, including the program, that their ideas and suggestions are valid with the Ministry of Higher Education and will be greatly used.
Also, in this ceremony, Mufti Abdul Rauf Farahi, the head of the educational curriculum at Sankhani, gave information about the mentioned cluster and said that in the past we have done a lot of work on the educational curriculum, but this is the first time that the practical and comparative part of that work is done.
According to the aforementioned, at the end of the five-day cluster, the lists of the laboratories' requirements will be prepared and provided to the authorities for purchase.
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