Publish dateSunday 1 October 2023 - 22:40
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Nadeem to youth: Pursue Islamic Faith and Modern Sciences
Sheikh Neda Mohammad Nadeem, during a visit to Samangan province, urged the youth to balance their pursuit of modern sciences with a strong foundation in Islamic faith.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, This sentiment was expressed during a meeting with local officials, tribal elders, scholars, professors, and students in Aibak City, the capital of Samangan.
Mullah Dad Khoda Khadem, the deputy governor of Samangan, assured that security is maintained in Samangan and that the people support all programs of the Islamic Emirate.
He also encouraged students to understand the enemy’s goals and to arm themselves with knowledge, practice, sincerity, and piety to resist the influence of Western ideas.
Sheikh Nada Mohammad Nadeem paid tribute to the students who lost their lives during the twenty years of occupation.
He stated that Afghanistan has passed a small test and is now facing a larger one – providing security, implementing justice, and enforcing Islamic Sharia.
He emphasized that strength comes from equipping oneself with knowledge and deeds and making people aware of their responsibilities.
This includes obedience to the Amir and maintaining sincerity among themselves.
The Acting Minister highlighted that the Islamic Emirate places special emphasis on students.
A budget of 250 million Afghanis has been allocated for those pursuing master’s level studies inside or outside the country.
Additionally, 100 million Afghanis have been set aside for equipping educational institution laboratories.
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